Packages with the geoip use flag

Global definition: Add geoip support for country and city lookup based on IPs.

app-admin / prelude-manager : Bus communication for all Prelude modules

app-admin / sagan : Sagan is a multi-threaded, real time system and event log monitoring system

app-admin / webalizer : Webserver log file analyzer

games-strategy / openra : A free RTS engine supporting games like Command & Conquer, Red Alert and Dune2k

games-util / xqf : A server browser for many FPS games (frontend for qstat)

net-analyzer / argus-clients : Clients for net-analyzer/argus

net-analyzer / ettercap : A suite for man in the middle attacks

net-analyzer / fwlogwatch : A packet filter and firewall log analyzer

net-analyzer / goaccess : A real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal

net-analyzer / pmacct : A network tool to gather IP traffic information

net-analyzer / suricata : High performance Network IDS, IPS and Network Security Monitoring engine

net-dns / bind : Berkeley Internet Name Domain - Name Server

net-dns / knot : High-performance authoritative-only DNS server

  • Enable the Geography-based responses module

net-dns / pdns : The PowerDNS Daemon

net-irc / iroffer-dinoex : IRC fileserver using DCC

net-misc / ipv6calc : IPv6 address calculator

net-misc / pen : TCP Load Balancing Port Forwarder

net-p2p / amule : aMule, the all-platform eMule p2p client

net-p2p / deluge : BitTorrent client with a client/server model

net-p2p / ncdc : ncurses directconnect client

net-p2p / transmission-remote-gtk : GTK+ client for management of the Transmission BitTorrent client, over HTTP RPC

net-vpn / ocserv : Openconnect SSL VPN server

www-apache / mod_security : Application firewall and intrusion detection for Apache

  • Pull in dev-libs/geoip for use by the SecGeoLookupDb directive.

www-misc / awstats : AWStats is short for Advanced Web Statistics

www-servers / lighttpd : Lightweight high-performance web server