Packages with the gnome-shell use flag

gnome-base / gnome-light : Meta package for GNOME-Light, merge this package to install

  • Install gnome-base/gnome-shell and x11-wm/mutter for the standard GNOME 3 desktop mode

net-misc / wicd : A lightweight wired and wireless network manager for Linux

  • Install gnome-shell extension

x11-terms / gnome-terminal : The Gnome Terminal

  • Integrate with gnome-base/gnome-shell search

x11-themes / arc-theme : A flat theme with transparent elements for GTK+3, GTK+2 and GNOME Shell

x11-themes / vertex-theme : Vertex theme for GTK+ based desktops

  • Install theme for gnome-base/gnome-shell

x11-themes / zuki-themes : Zuki themes for GTK, gnome-shell and more

  • Install theme for gnome-base/gnome-shell

x11-themes / zukitwo : Transition package to zuki-themes

  • Install theme for gnome-base/gnome-shell