Packages with the gui use flag

app-editors / qhexedit2 : Hex editor library, Qt application written in C++ with Python bindings

app-i18n / mozc : Mozc - Japanese input method editor

  • Install graphical user interface tool (mozc_tool)

app-misc / kryoflux-dtc : KryoFlux Host Software

app-office / gnucash : A personal finance manager

  • Enable graphic interface (needs net-libs/webkit-gtk:4 and x11-libs/gtk+:3)

app-pda / barry : Sync, backup, program management, and charging for BlackBerry devices

dev-libs / atcore : API to manage the serial connection between the computer and 3D Printers

dev-perl / Panotools-Script : A perl module for reading, writing, and manipulating hugin script files

dev-python / PyQt5 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

  • Build bindings for the QtGui module

dev-python / QtPy : Abstraction layer for PyQt5/PySide

  • Build bindings for the QtGui module

dev-util / scanmem : Locate and modify variables in executing processes

games-emulation / nestopia : A portable Nintendo Entertainment System emulator written in C++

games-util / lgogdownloader : Unofficial downloader for Linux

media-gfx / slic3r : A mesh slicer to generate G-code for fused-filament-fabrication (3D printers)

media-libs / qtav : Multimedia playback framework based on Qt + FFmpeg

  • Build a video player gui

media-video / makemkv : Tool for ripping and streaming Blu-ray, HD-DVD and DVD discs

net-firewall / firewalld : A firewall daemon with D-BUS interface providing a dynamic firewall

  • Builds and installs GUI configurator and GTK+ applet

net-p2p / retroshare : P2P private sharing application

  • Enables the GUI version of RetroShare

sci-geosciences / gpsbabel : GPS waypoints, tracks and routes converter

  • Enable the graphical user interface (requires dev-qt/qtwebengine)

sci-mathematics / octave : High-level interactive language for numerical computations

  • Enable the graphical user interface

sci-mathematics / yacas : General purpose computer algebra system

sys-apps / duc : A library and suite of tools for inspecting disk usage

sys-power / nut : Network-UPS Tools

  • Install NUT-Monitor python gui