Packages with the man use flag

Global definition: Build and install man pages.

app-accessibility / espeak-ng : Software speech synthesizer for English, and some other languages

  • Builds and installs manpage with app-text/ronn

app-accessibility / espeakup : espeakup is a small lightweight connector for espeak and speakup

app-emulation / lxc : A userspace interface for the Linux kernel containment features

app-misc / vcontrold : Daemon for communication with Viessmann Vito heatings

app-text / stardict : A international dictionary supporting fuzzy and glob style matching

  • Enable plugin to read manual pages

dev-cpp / libcmis : C++ client library for the CMIS interface

dev-db / influxdb : Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics

dev-db / opendbx : OpenDBX - A database abstraction layer

dev-libs / libjcat : Library and tool for reading and writing Jcat files

dev-libs / libunibreak : Line and word breaking library

dev-vcs / git-publish : Tool for preparing and storing patch revisions as git tag

dev-vcs / kdesvn : A frontend to the subversion vcs

games-util / deutex : WAD composer for Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife

gui-apps / grim : Grab images from a Wayland compositor.

gui-apps / gtkgreet : gtk based greeter for greetd

gui-apps / kanshi : dynamic display configuration (autorandr for wayland)

gui-apps / lavalauncher : Simple launcher for wayland

gui-apps / slurp : Select a region in a Wayland compositor and print it to the standard output.

gui-apps / swaybg : A wallpaper utility for Wayland

gui-apps / swayidle : Idle management daemon for Wayland

gui-apps / swaylock : Screen locker for Wayland

gui-apps / waypipe : Transparent network proxy for Wayland compositors

gui-apps / wf-recorder : Screen recorder for wlroots-based compositors

gui-libs / greetd : ipc based login daemon

gui-wm / sway : i3-compatible Wayland window manager

kde-apps / keditbookmarks : Bookmarks editor based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / kio-extras : KIO plugins present a filesystem-like view of arbitrary data

  • Enable manpages kioslave

kde-frameworks / kconfigwidgets : Framework providing an assortment of configuration-related widgets

kde-frameworks / kded : Central daemon of KDE workspaces

kde-frameworks / kinit : Helper library to speed up start of applications on KDE work spaces

kde-frameworks / kpackage : Framework to install and load packages of non binary content

kde-frameworks / kservice : Advanced plugin and service introspection

kde-frameworks / kwallet : Framework providing desktop-wide storage for passwords

kde-frameworks / plasma : Plasma framework

media-gfx / blender : 3D Creation/Animation/Publishing System

media-libs / coin : A high-level 3D graphics toolkit, fully compatible with SGI Open Inventor 2.1

media-libs / quarter : GUI binding for using Coin/Open Inventor with Qt

media-sound / bluez-alsa : Bluetooth Audio ALSA Backend

net-irc / weechat : Portable and multi-interface IRC client

net-libs / libpsl : C library for the Public Suffix List

net-misc / casync : Content-Addressable Data Synchronization Tool

net-vpn / tor : Anonymizing overlay network for TCP

sys-apps / exa : A modern replacement for 'ls' written in Rust

sys-apps / fwupd : Aims to make updating firmware on Linux automatic, safe and reliable

sys-auth / sssd : System Security Services Daemon provides access to identity and authentication

x11-apps / igt-gpu-tools : Intel GPU userland tools

x11-misc / xss-lock : Use external locker as X screen saver