Packages with the metis use flag

sci-libs / coinor-clp : COIN-OR linear programming solver

  • Enable partitioning with sci-libs/metis

sci-libs / dealii : Solving partial differential equations with the finite element method

  • Add support for metis (sci-libs/metis)

sci-libs / gmsh : A three-dimensional finite element mesh generator

  • Enables metis support

sci-libs / mumps : MUltifrontal Massively Parallel sparse direct matrix Solver

  • Enable matrix ordering with METIS (sci-libs/metis, sci-libs/parmetis)

sci-libs / pastix : Parallel solver for very large sparse linear systems

  • Enable matrix ordering with sci-libs/metis

sci-libs / trilinos : Scientific library collection for large scale problems

  • Add support for metis (sci-libs/metis or sci-libs/parmetis)

sci-mathematics / petsc : Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation

  • Add support for metis (sci-libs/parmetis)