Packages with the ncurses use flag

Global definition: Add ncurses support (console display library).

app-accessibility / brltty : Daemon that provides access to the Linux/Unix console for a blind person

app-admin / conky : An advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X

app-admin / quickswitch : Utility to switch network profiles on the fly

app-admin / xstow : Replacement for GNU stow with extensions

app-crypt / pinentry : Simple passphrase entry dialogs which utilize the Assuan protocol

app-editors / jupp : Portable version of Joe's Own Editor

app-editors / nano : GNU GPL'd Pico clone with more functionality

app-editors / vis : modern, legacy free, simple yet efficient vim-like editor

app-emulation / bochs : LGPL-ed pc emulator

app-emulation / qemu : QEMU + Kernel-based Virtual Machine userland tools

  • Enable the ncurses-based console

app-emulation / vkd3d : D3D12 to Vulkan translation library

app-forensics / afflib : Library that implements the AFF image standard

app-i18n / uim : A multilingual input method framework

app-misc / ckermit : combined serial and network communication software package

app-misc / fdupes : Identify/delete duplicate files residing within specified directories

app-misc / gcal : The GNU Calendar - a replacement for cal

app-text / hunspell : Spell checker, morphological analyzer library and command-line tool

dev-lang / mercury-extras : Additional libraries and tools that are not part of the Mercury standard library

dev-lang / ocaml : Programming language supporting functional, imperative & object-oriented styles

dev-lang / python : An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language

dev-libs / bemenu : dmenu clone for wayland

dev-perl / POE : A framework for creating multitasking programs in Perl

dev-python / pypy : A fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python language

dev-python / pypy-exe : PyPy executable (build from source)

dev-python / pypy3 : A fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python (3.9) language

dev-python / pypy3-exe : PyPy3 executable (build from source)

dev-scheme / chez : A programming language based on R6RS

dev-scheme / racket : General purpose, multi-paradigm Lisp-Scheme programming language

  • Add ncurses support for expeditor (REPL expression editor)

dev-scheme / scm : SCM is a Scheme implementation from the author of slib

dev-util / ald : Assembly Language Debugger

dev-util / cdecl : Composing and deciphering C (or C++) declarations or casts, aka "gibberish."

dev-util / cmake : Cross platform Make

dev-util / cunit : C Unit Test Framework

dev-util / lldb : The LLVM debugger

dev-util / omake : Make replacement

games-action / minetest : A free open-source voxel game engine with easy modding and game creation

games-emulation / advancemame : GNU/Linux port of the MAME emulator with GUI menu

games-engines / frotz : Interpreter for Z-code based text games

games-fps / quakeforge : 3D engine based on id Software's Quake and QuakeWorld game engines

games-roguelike / angband : A roguelike dungeon exploration game based on the books of J.R.R. Tolkien

games-roguelike / stone-soup : Role-playing roguelike game of exploration and treasure-hunting in dungeons

  • Enable for console (uses ncurses) based build. (can be enabled on top of tiles)

games-strategy / dopewars : Re-Write of the game Drug Wars

media-gfx / gphoto2 : Free, redistributable digital camera software application

media-libs / libcaca : A library that creates colored ASCII-art graphics

media-radio / unixcw : A package of programs that fit together to form a morse code tutor program

  • Enables building the curses based morse code tutor program 'cwcp'.

media-sound / alsa-utils : Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Utils (alsactl, alsamixer, etc.)

  • install utils that use ncurses (e.g. alsamixer)

media-sound / cava : Console-based Audio Visualizer for Alsa

media-sound / ecasound : a package for multitrack audio processing

media-sound / muse : Multiple Streaming Engine, an icecast source streamer

media-sound / timidity++ : A handy MIDI to WAV converter with OSS and ALSA output support

media-video / vlc : Media player and framework with support for most multimedia files and streaming

net-analyzer / ettercap : A suite for man in the middle attacks

net-analyzer / httping : http protocol ping-like program

net-analyzer / hydra : Parallelized network login hacker

net-analyzer / jnettop : A top like console network traffic visualiser

net-analyzer / mtr : My TraceRoute, an Excellent network diagnostic tool

net-analyzer / nast : NAST - Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool

net-analyzer / pinger : Cyclic multi ping utility for selected adresses using GTK/ncurses

net-analyzer / yersinia : A framework for layer 2 attacks

net-fs / openafs : The OpenAFS distributed file system

net-ftp / proftpd : An advanced and very configurable FTP server

net-im / ekg2 : Text-based, multi-protocol instant messenger

net-im / pidgin : GTK Instant Messenger client

  • Build finch, console interface

net-irc / ninja : Ninja IRC Client

net-libs / liboping : Protocol independent ANSI-C ping library and command line utility

  • Build ncurses-based version of oping utility (requires sys-libs/ncurses)

net-libs / libtrace : A library and tools for trace processing

net-misc / bfgminer : Modular Bitcoin ASIC/FPGA/GPU/CPU miner in C

net-misc / cgminer : Bitcoin CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC miner in C

net-misc / dhcpcd-ui : Desktop notification and configuration for dhcpcd

net-misc / electron-cash : Lightweight Bitcoin Cash client (BCH fork of Electrum)

net-misc / electrum : User friendly Bitcoin client

net-misc / electrum-ltc : User friendly Litecoin client

net-misc / suite3270 : Complete 3270 (S390) access package

net-news / sfeed : Simple RSS and Atom parser

net-nntp / nzbget : A command-line based binary newsgrabber supporting .nzb files

net-vpn / tinc : tinc is an easy to configure VPN implementation

net-wireless / spectools : Spectrum Analyzer for Meta-Geek Wi-Spy and GSG Ubertooth hardware

  • Build the ncurses based client for spectools

sci-geosciences / gpsd : GPS daemon and library for USB/serial GPS devices and GPS/mapping clients

sci-libs / cdf : Common Data Format I/O library for multi-dimensional data sets

sci-mathematics / pspp : Program for statistical analysis of sampled data

sys-apps / cpu-x : A Free software that gathers information on CPU, motherboard and more

sys-apps / duc : A library and suite of tools for inspecting disk usage

  • Build support for the ncurses client

sys-apps / gptfdisk : GPT partition table manipulator for Linux

sys-apps / openrc : OpenRC manages the services, startup and shutdown of a host

sys-apps / s390-tools : User space utilities for the zSeries (s390) Linux kernel and device drivers

  • build hyptop monitoring program

sys-apps / util-linux : Various useful Linux utilities

sys-devel / gettext : GNU locale utilities

sys-devel / llvm : Low Level Virtual Machine

  • Support querying terminal properties using ncurses' terminfo

sys-fs / xfsdump : XFS dump/restore utilities

sys-process / procps : Standard informational utilities and process-handling tools

  • Build programs that use ncurses: top, slabtop, watch