Packages with the nls use flag

Global definition: Add Native Language Support (using gettext - GNU locale utilities).

app-accessibility / brltty : Daemon that provides access to the Linux/Unix console for a blind person

app-accessibility / yasr : General-purpose console screen reader

app-admin / gkrellm : Single process stack of various system monitors

app-admin / hddtemp : A simple utility to read the temperature of SMART capable hard drives

app-admin / sudo : Allows users or groups to run commands as other users

app-admin / sysstat : System performance tools for Linux

app-admin / webalizer : Webserver log file analyzer

app-antivirus / clamtk : A graphical front-end for ClamAV

app-arch / cpio : A file archival tool which can also read and write tar files

app-arch / dpkg : Package maintenance system for Debian

app-arch / rpm : Red Hat Package Management Utils

app-arch / sharutils : Tools to deal with shar archives

app-arch / tar : Use this to make tarballs :)

app-arch / unp : Script for unpacking various file formats

app-arch / xz-utils : Utils for managing LZMA compressed files

app-backup / amanda : The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver

app-backup / dar : A full featured backup tool, aimed for disks

app-cdr / cdrtools : A set of tools for CD/DVD reading and recording, including cdrecord

app-cdr / dvdisaster : Tool for creating error correction data (ecc) for optical media (DVD, CD, BD)

app-cdr / graveman : Graphical frontend for cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd and sox using GTK+2

app-cdr / isomaster : Graphical CD image editor for reading, modifying and writing ISO images

app-cdr / xcdroast : Lightweight cdrtools front-end for CD and DVD writing

app-containers / lxd : Modern, secure and powerful system container and virtual machine manager

app-crypt / gnupg : The GNU Privacy Guard, a GPL OpenPGP implementation

app-crypt / gpa : The GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) is a graphical user interface for GnuPG

app-crypt / loop-aes-losetup : Loop-AES losetup utility

app-crypt / mcrypt : replacement of the old unix crypt(1)

app-crypt / mit-krb5 : MIT Kerberos V

app-crypt / rhash : Console utility and library for computing and verifying file hash sums

app-crypt / tpm-tools : TrouSerS' support tools for the Trusted Platform Modules

app-dicts / gwaei : Japanese-English Dictionary for GNOME

app-dicts / kasumi : Anthy dictionary maintenance tool

app-editors / bluefish : GTK HTML editor for the experienced web designer or programmer

app-editors / ecrire : A simple Notepad-like text editor using EFL

app-editors / gvim : GUI version of the Vim text editor

app-editors / lpe : A lightweight programmers editor

app-editors / nano : GNU GPL'd Pico clone with more functionality

app-editors / vim : Vim, an improved vi-style text editor

app-editors / vim-core : vim and gvim shared files

app-editors / xmlcopyeditor : XML Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating XML editor

app-emulation / crossover-bin : Commercial version of app-emulation/wine with paid support

app-emulation / libvirt : C toolkit to manipulate virtual machines

app-emulation / qemu : QEMU + Kernel-based Virtual Machine userland tools

app-emulation / virtualbox : Family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise and home use

app-emulation / wine-proton : Valve Software's fork of Wine

app-emulation / wine-staging : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, with Wine-Staging patchset

app-emulation / wine-vanilla : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, without external patchsets

app-forensics / libewf : Implementation of the EWF (SMART and EnCase) image format

app-i18n / fcitx : Fcitx (Flexible Context-aware Input Tool with eXtension) input method framework

app-i18n / ibus : Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS

app-i18n / ibus-anthy : Japanese Anthy engine for IBus

app-i18n / ibus-cangjie : Chinese Cangjie and Quick engines for IBus

app-i18n / ibus-chewing : Chinese Chewing engine for IBus

app-i18n / ibus-handwrite : Hand write recognition/input for IBus

app-i18n / ibus-hangul : Korean Hangul engine for IBus

app-i18n / ibus-m17n : M17N engine for IBus

app-i18n / ibus-pinyin : Chinese Pinyin and Bopomofo engines for IBus

app-i18n / ibus-skk : Japanese SKK engine for IBus

app-i18n / ibus-table : Tables engines for IBus

app-i18n / libhangul : Library for hangul input method logic, hanja dictionary

app-i18n / libskk : GObject-based library to deal with Japanese kana-to-kanji conversion method

app-i18n / nabi : Simple Hanguk X Input Method

app-i18n / scim-anthy : Japanese input method Anthy IMEngine for SCIM

app-i18n / scim-hangul : Hangul IMEngine for SCIM ported from imhangul

app-i18n / scim-input-pad : Input pad for SCIM used to input symbols and special characters

app-i18n / scim-pinyin : Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) Smart Pinyin Input Method

app-i18n / scim-tables : Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) Generic Table Input Method Server

app-i18n / uim : A multilingual input method framework

app-laptop / tpb : IBM ThinkPad buttons utility

app-misc / abook : Abook is a text-based addressbook program designed to use with mutt mail client

app-misc / ddccontrol : Control monitor parameters, like brightness, contrast, RGB color levels via DDC

app-misc / ddccontrol-db : DDCControl monitor database

app-misc / gcal : The GNU Calendar - a replacement for cal

app-misc / gentoo : Graphical file manager for Unix-like systems, using GTK+

app-misc / getopt : getopt(1) replacement supporting GNU-style long options

app-misc / gtypist : Universal typing tutor

app-misc / hello : GNU "Hello, world" application

app-misc / libdatovka : Client library for accessing ISDS SOAP services

app-misc / linux-logo : A utility that displays an ANSI/ASCII logo and some system information

app-misc / mc : GNU Midnight Commander is a text based file manager

app-misc / pal : Command-line calendar program

app-misc / radeontop : Utility to view Radeon GPU utilization

app-misc / realpath : Return the canonicalized absolute pathname

app-misc / regex-markup : A tool to color syslog files as well

app-misc / rmlint : Extremely fast tool to remove duplicates and other lint from your filesystem

app-misc / utimer : A command line timer and stopwatch

app-misc / wcd : Wherever Change Directory

app-mobilephone / gammu : A tool to handle your cellular phone

  • Enable native language support

app-mobilephone / gnokii : User space driver and tools for use with mobile phones

app-mobilephone / scmxx : Exchange data with Siemens phones

app-office / gnucash : A personal finance manager

app-office / grisbi : Grisbi is a personal accounting application for Linux

app-office / lyx : WYSIWYM frontend for LaTeX, DocBook, etc

app-office / magicpoint : X11 based presentation tool

app-pda / jpilot : Desktop Organizer Software for the Palm Pilot

app-portage / eix : Search and query ebuilds

app-shells / bash : The standard GNU Bourne again shell

app-shells / dsh : Distributed Shell

app-shells / fish : Friendly Interactive SHell

app-shells / pdmenu : A simple console menu program

app-shells / rush : Restricted User Shell

app-shells / tcsh : Enhanced version of the Berkeley C shell (csh)

app-shells / yash : Yash is a POSIX-compliant command line shell

app-text / a2ps : Any to PostScript filter

app-text / aspell : Free and Open Source spell checker designed to replace Ispell

app-text / atril : Atril document viewer for MATE

app-text / cherrytree : A hierarchical note taking application (C++ version)

app-text / crm114 : A powerful text processing tool, mainly used for spam filtering

app-text / dos2unix : Convert DOS or MAC text files to UNIX format or vice versa

app-text / enscript : Powerful text-to-postscript converter

app-text / hunspell : Spell checker, morphological analyzer library and command-line tool

app-text / namazu : Namazu is a full-text search engine

app-text / opensp : A free, object-oriented toolkit for SGML parsing and entity management

app-text / pinfo : Hypertext info and man viewer based on (n)curses

app-text / recode : Convert files between various character sets

app-text / sdcv : Console version of Stardict program

app-text / spellutils : spellutils includes 'newsbody' (useful for spellchecking in mails, etc.)

app-text / xchm : Utility for viewing Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files

dev-db / postgresql : PostgreSQL RDBMS

dev-embedded / gnusim8085 : A GTK2 8085 Simulator

dev-lang / R : Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics

dev-lang / gnat-gpl : GNAT Ada Compiler - GPL version

dev-lang / gnucobol : A free/libre COBOL compiler

dev-lang / mono : Mono runtime and class libraries, a C# compiler/interpreter

dev-lang / parrot : Virtual machine designed to compile and execute bytecode for dynamic languages

dev-lang / php : The PHP language runtime engine

dev-lang / yasm : An assembler for x86 and x86_64 instruction sets

dev-libs / boost : Boost Libraries for C++

  • Build libboost_locale. This library requires compatible C library interfaces, which might not be provided by uClibc or other embedded libraries.

dev-libs / confuse : a configuration file parser library

dev-libs / eb : EB is a C library and utilities for accessing CD-ROM books

dev-libs / efl : Enlightenment Foundation Libraries all-in-one package

dev-libs / elfutils : Libraries/utilities to handle ELF objects (drop in replacement for libelf)

dev-libs / libelf : A ELF object file access library

dev-libs / libgpg-error : Contains error handling functions used by GnuPG software

dev-libs / newt : Redhat's Newt windowing toolkit development files

dev-libs / pakchois : PaKChoiS - PKCS #11 wrapper library

dev-libs / popt : Parse Options - Command line parser

dev-libs / tre : Lightweight, robust, and efficient POSIX compliant regexp matching library

dev-libs / tvision : Text User Interface that implements the well known CUA widgets

dev-perl / XML-Twig : Process huge XML documents in tree mode

dev-scheme / guile : GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions

dev-util / cflow : C function call hierarchy analyzer

dev-util / cppi : a cpp directive indenter

dev-util / dialog : Tool to display dialog boxes from a shell

dev-util / dwdiff : diff-like program operating at word level instead of line level

dev-util / geany-plugins : A collection of different plugins for Geany

dev-util / indent : Indent program source files

dev-util / memprof : Profiling and leak detection tool

dev-util / numdiff : File comparision, ignoring small numeric differences and formats

dev-util / poke : Extensible editor for structured binary data

dev-util / schroot : Utility to execute commands in a chroot environment

dev-util / txt2regex : A Regular Expression wizard that converts human sentences to regexs

dev-vcs / cvs : Concurrent Versions System - source code revision control tools

dev-vcs / cvsgraph : CVS/RCS repository grapher

dev-vcs / git : Stupid content tracker: distributed VCS designed for speed and efficiency

dev-vcs / subversion : Advanced version control system

games-action / heroes : Heroes Enjoy Riding Over Empty Slabs: similar to Tron and Nibbles

games-action / minetest : A free open-source voxel game engine with easy modding and game creation

games-arcade / briquolo : Breakout with 3D representation based on OpenGL

games-arcade / ceferino : Super-Pang clone (destroy bouncing balloons with your grapnel)

games-arcade / lbreakout2 : Breakout clone written with the SDL library

games-arcade / xbubble : A Puzzle Bobble clone similar to Frozen-Bubble

games-board / eboard : chess interface for POSIX systems

games-board / grhino : Reversi game for GNOME, supporting the Go/Game Text Protocol

games-board / pasang-emas : Traditional game of Brunei

games-board / pioneers : Clone of the popular board game The Settlers of Catan

games-board / xboard : GUI for gnuchess and for internet chess servers

games-emulation / vbam : Game Boy, GBC, and GBA emulator forked from VisualBoyAdvance

games-kids / lletters : Game that helps young kids learn their letters and numbers

games-kids / tuxmath : Educational arcade game where you have to solve maths problems

games-misc / typespeed : Test your typing speed, and get your fingers CPS

games-misc / xcowsay : Displays a cute cow and message on your desktop

games-puzzle / enigma : Puzzle game similar to Oxyd

games-puzzle / groundhog : Put the balls in the pockets of the same color by manipulating a maze of tubes

games-puzzle / gtkballs : An entertaining game based on the old DOS game lines

games-puzzle / ltris : Very polished Tetris clone

games-puzzle / neverball : Clone of Super Monkey Ball using SDL/OpenGL

games-puzzle / toppler : Reimplementation of Nebulous using SDL

games-puzzle / zaz : A puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets

games-rpg / kqlives : A console-style role playing game

games-rpg / manaplus : OpenSource 2D MMORPG client for Evol Online and The Mana World

games-simulation / cannonsmash : 3D tabletennis game

games-simulation / senken : City simulation game

games-sports / ultimatestunts : Remake of the famous Stunts game

games-sports / xmoto : A challenging 2D motocross platform game, where physics play an important role

games-strategy / dopewars : Re-Write of the game Drug Wars

games-strategy / freeciv : Multiplayer strategy game (Civilization Clone)

games-strategy / warzone2100 : 3D real-time strategy game

games-strategy / wesnoth : Battle for Wesnoth - A fantasy turn-based strategy game

games-util / dfarc : Frontend and .dmod installer for GNU FreeDink

games-util / xqf : A server browser for many FPS games (frontend for qstat)

gnome-extra / cinnamon : A fork of GNOME Shell with layout similar to GNOME 2

gnome-extra / nemo : A file manager for Cinnamon, forked from Nautilus

gnome-extra / synapse : A program launcher in the style of GNOME Do

kde-apps / analitza : KDE library for mathematical features

kde-apps / kcachegrind : Frontend for Cachegrind by KDE

kde-apps / libkgapi : Library for accessing Google calendar and contact resources

kde-apps / marble : Virtual Globe and World Atlas to learn more about Earth

kde-apps / step : Interactive physics simulator

kde-frameworks / kdoctools : Tools to generate documentation in various formats from DocBook files

lxde-base / lxdm : LXDE Display Manager

lxde-base / lxsession : LXDE session manager

lxqt-base / lxqt-meta : Meta ebuild for LXQt, the Lightweight Desktop Environment

  • Install dev-qt/qttranslations to better support different locales

mail-client / alpine : An easy to use text-based based mail and news client

mail-client / claws-mail : An email client (and news reader) based on GTK+

mail-client / mutt : A small but very powerful text-based mail client

mail-client / neomutt : A small but very powerful text-based mail client

mail-client / sylpheed : A lightweight email client and newsreader

mail-mta / courier : An MTA designed specifically for maildirs

mail-mta / msmtp : An SMTP client and SMTP plugin for mail user agents such as Mutt

mate-base / caja : Caja file manager for the MATE desktop

mate-base / mate-control-center : The MATE Desktop configuration tool

mate-base / mate-menus : MATE menu system, implementing the F.D.O cross-desktop spec

mate-base / mate-session-manager : MATE session manager

mate-extra / caja-dropbox : Store, Sync and Share Files Online

mate-extra / caja-extensions : Several Caja extensions

mate-extra / mate-user-guide : User documentation for MATE Desktop

mate-extra / mate-utils : Utilities for the MATE desktop

media-fonts / font-adobe-100dpi : X.Org Adobe bitmap fonts

media-fonts / font-adobe-75dpi : X.Org Adobe bitmap fonts

media-fonts / font-adobe-utopia-100dpi : X.Org Adobe Utopia bitmap fonts

media-fonts / font-adobe-utopia-75dpi : X.Org Adobe Utopia bitmap fonts

media-fonts / font-bh-100dpi : X.Org Bigelow & Holmes bitmap fonts

media-fonts / font-bh-75dpi : X.Org Bigelow & Holmes bitmap fonts

media-fonts / font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi : X.Org Bigelow & Holmes Lucida bitmap fonts

media-fonts / font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi : X.Org Bigelow & Holmes Lucida bitmap fonts

media-fonts / font-misc-misc : X.Org miscellaneous fonts

media-fonts / font-schumacher-misc : X.Org Schumacher fonts

media-gfx / blender : 3D Creation/Animation/Publishing System

media-gfx / darktable : A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers

media-gfx / dcraw : Command-line decoder for raw digital photos

media-gfx / eom : The MATE image viewer

media-gfx / exif : Small CLI util to show EXIF infos hidden in JPEG files

media-gfx / exiv2 : EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata C++ library and command line utility

media-gfx / geeqie : A lightweight GTK image viewer forked from GQview

media-gfx / gphoto2 : Free, redistributable digital camera software application

media-gfx / graphviz : Open Source Graph Visualization Software

media-gfx / icoutils : Tools to extract and convert images in icon and cursor files (.ico, .cur)

media-gfx / iscan : EPSON Image Scan v3 for Linux

media-gfx / xsane : Graphical scanning frontend

media-gfx / zbar : Library and tools for reading barcodes from images or video

media-libs / ampache_browser : Ampache desktop client library

media-libs / avidemux-core : Core libraries for simple video cutting, filtering and encoding tasks

media-libs / fontconfig : A library for configuring and customizing font access

media-libs / ganv : A GTK+ widget for interactive graph-like environments

media-libs / gst-plugins-bad : Less plugins for GStreamer

media-libs / gst-plugins-base : Basepack of plugins for gstreamer

media-libs / gst-plugins-good : Basepack of plugins for GStreamer

media-libs / gst-plugins-ugly : Basepack of plugins for gstreamer

media-libs / gst-rtsp-server : A GStreamer based RTSP server

media-libs / gstreamer : Open source multimedia framework

media-libs / libafterimage : Afterstep's standalone generic image manipulation library

media-libs / libexif : Library for parsing, editing, and saving EXIF data

media-libs / libgphoto2 : Library that implements support for numerous digital cameras

media-libs / libiptcdata : Library for International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) metadata

media-libs / libmypaint : Library for making brushstrokes

media-libs / libquvi : Library for parsing video download links

media-libs / libvisual : Abstraction library between applications and audio visualisation plugins

media-libs / xine-lib : Core libraries for Xine movie player

media-libs / zvbi : VBI Decoding Library for Zapping

media-plugins / audacious-plugins : Lightweight and versatile audio player

media-plugins / gst-plugins-libav : FFmpeg based gstreamer plugin

media-plugins / gst-plugins-vaapi : Hardware accelerated video decoding through VA-API plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / swh-plugins : Large collection of LADSPA audio plugins/effects

media-plugins / vdr-xineliboutput : VDR Plugin: Xinelib PlugIn

media-radio / fldigi : Sound card based multimode software modem for Amateur Radio use

media-radio / flrig : Transceiver control program for Amateur Radio use

media-radio / xdx : a GTK+ TCP/IP DX-cluster and ON4KST chat client

media-sound / alsa-utils : Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Utils (alsactl, alsamixer, etc.)

media-sound / alsaplayer : A heavily multi-threaded pluggable audio player

media-sound / ardour : Digital Audio Workstation

media-sound / ario : GTK client for MPD inspired by Rhythmbox but much lighter and faster

media-sound / audacious : Lightweight and versatile audio player

media-sound / aumix : Aumix volume/mixer control program

media-sound / csound : Sound design and signal processing system for composition and performance

media-sound / deadbeef : DeaDBeeF is a modular audio player similar to foobar2000

media-sound / denemo : A music notation editor

media-sound / exaile : GTK+ based media player aiming to be similar to Amarok

media-sound / gbsplay : Nintendo Gameboy sound player for GBS format

media-sound / gmorgan : Opensource software rhythm station

media-sound / gnomad : A GTK+ music manager for the Portable Digital Entertainment (PDE) protocol

media-sound / gogglesmm : Fast and light music player

media-sound / gtick : Metronome application supporting different meters and speeds ranging

media-sound / guitarix : Virtual guitar amplifier for Linux

media-sound / herrie : Herrie is a command line music player

media-sound / madplay : The MAD audio player

media-sound / mhwaveedit : GTK+ Sound file editor (wav, and a few others.)

media-sound / mp3splt-gtk : A GTK+ based utility to split mp3 and ogg files without decoding

media-sound / mpfc : Music Player For Console

media-sound / ncmpc : Ncurses client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

media-sound / normalize : Audio file volume normalizer

media-sound / pavucontrol : Pulseaudio Volume Control, GTK based mixer for Pulseaudio

media-sound / picard : Cross-platform music tagger

media-sound / pnmixer : Volume mixer for the system tray

media-sound / qmidiarp : Arpeggiator, sequencer and MIDI LFO for ALSA

media-sound / ripperx : GTK program to rip CD audio tracks to Ogg, MP3 or FLAC

media-sound / vorbis-tools : Tools for using the Ogg Vorbis sound file format

media-video / avidemux : Video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks

media-video / dvdbackup : Backup content from DVD to hard disk

media-video / jubler : Java subtitle editor

media-video / mkvtoolnix : Tools to create, alter, and inspect Matroska files

media-video / oxine : OSD frontend for Xine

media-video / subtitleeditor : GTK+3 subtitle editing tool

media-video / ushare : uShare is a UPnP (TM) A/V & DLNA Media Server

media-video / xine-ui : Xine movie player

net-analyzer / authforce : An HTTP authentication brute forcer

net-analyzer / fwlogwatch : A packet filter and firewall log analyzer

net-analyzer / nmap : Network exploration tool and security / port scanner

net-analyzer / pinger : Cyclic multi ping utility for selected adresses using GTK/ncurses

net-analyzer / tcpreen : TCP network re-engineering tool

net-dialup / lrzsz : Communication package providing the X, Y, and ZMODEM file transfer protocols

net-dialup / minicom : Serial Communication Program

net-dialup / pppconfig : A text menu based utility for configuring ppp

net-dns / avahi : System which facilitates service discovery on a local network

net-dns / dnsmasq : Small forwarding DNS server

net-dns / libidn : Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) implementation

net-dns / libidn2 : An implementation of the IDNA2008 specifications (RFCs 5890, 5891, 5892, 5893)

net-dns / mydns : A DNS-Server which gets its data from a MySQL/PostgreSQL-database

net-fs / davfs2 : Linux FUSE (or coda) driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV resource

net-ftp / filezilla : FTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface

net-ftp / lftp : A sophisticated ftp/sftp/http/https/torrent client and file transfer program

net-ftp / proftpd : An advanced and very configurable FTP server

net-im / centerim : Ncurses ICQ/Yahoo!/AIM/IRC/MSN/Jabber/GaduGadu/RSS/LiveJournal client

net-im / ekg2 : Text-based, multi-protocol instant messenger

net-im / pidgin : GTK Instant Messenger client

net-irc / atheme-services : A portable and secure set of open-source and modular IRC services

net-irc / kvirc : Advanced IRC Client

net-irc / rbot : A ruby IRC bot

  • Build and install translation for the messages coming from the bot and its plugins (through dev-ruby/ruby-gettext).

net-irc / weechat : Portable and multi-interface IRC client

net-irc / znc : An advanced IRC Bouncer

net-libs / gnutls : A secure communications library implementing the SSL, TLS and DTLS protocols

net-libs / libgsasl : The GNU SASL library

net-libs / libisds : Client library for accessing ISDS Soap services

net-libs / neon : HTTP and WebDAV client library

net-libs / net6 : Network access framework for IPv4/IPv6 written in C++

net-mail / fetchmail : the legendary remote-mail retrieval and forwarding utility

net-mail / gnubiff : A mail notification program

net-mail / mailutils : A useful collection of mail servers, clients, and filters

net-mail / mpop : A small, fast, and portable POP3 client

net-misc / aria2 : A download utility with segmented downloading with BitTorrent support

net-misc / axel : Light Unix download accelerator

net-misc / cadaver : Command-line WebDAV client

net-misc / fatrat : Qt5-based download/upload manager

net-misc / gsasl : The GNU SASL client, server, and library

net-misc / iputils : Network monitoring tools including ping and ping6

net-misc / jwhois : Advanced Internet Whois client capable of recursive queries

net-misc / remmina : A GTK+ RDP, SPICE, VNC and SSH client

net-misc / shigofumi : Command line client for ISDS

net-misc / sitecopy : Maintain remote web sites with ease

net-misc / smbc : Text mode (ncurses) SMB network commander. Features: resume and UTF-8

net-misc / telnet-bsd : Telnet and telnetd ported from OpenBSD with IPv6 support

net-misc / tigervnc : Remote desktop viewer display system

net-misc / ucarp : Portable userland implementation of Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP)

net-misc / wget : Network utility to retrieve files from the WWW

net-misc / whois : Improved Whois Client

net-misc / wol : Implements Wake On LAN (Magic Paket) functionality in a small program

net-misc / wput : Tiny program like wget, to upload files/whole directories via FTP

net-misc / zssh : SSH wrapper enabling zmodem up/download in ssh

net-nds / yp-tools : Network Information Service tools

net-nntp / slrn : A s-lang based newsreader

net-nntp / tin : A threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader

net-p2p / amule : aMule, the all-platform eMule p2p client

net-p2p / dbhub : Hub software for Direct Connect, fork of opendchub

net-p2p / gtk-gnutella : A GTK+ Gnutella client

net-p2p / transmission : A fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client

net-print / gtklp : A GUI for cupsd

net-print / gutenprint : Ghostscript and cups printer drivers

net-voip / mumble : Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software

net-vpn / i2p : A privacy-centric, anonymous network

  • Adds Native Language Support using GNU gettext.

net-vpn / openconnect : Free client for Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN software

net-wireless / blueman : Simple and intuitive GTK+ Bluetooth Manager

sci-astronomy / celestia : OpenGL 3D space simulator

sci-astronomy / predict : Satellite tracking and orbital prediction

sci-astronomy / stellarium : 3D photo-realistic skies in real time

sci-calculators / datamash : command-line program for basic numeric, textual and statistical operations

sci-calculators / tiemu : Texas Instruments hand-helds emulator

sci-calculators / tilp2 : Communication program for Texas Instruments calculators

sci-chemistry / chemtool : A GTK program for drawing organic molecules

sci-chemistry / gperiodic : Periodic table application for Linux

sci-electronics / geda : GPL Electronic Design Automation (gEDA):gaf core package

sci-electronics / kicad : Electronic Schematic and PCB design tools

sci-geosciences / gpx-viewer : Simple program to visualize a gpx file

sci-geosciences / grass : A free GIS with raster and vector functionality, as well as 3D vizualization

sci-geosciences / viking : GPS data editor and analyzer

sci-libs / libticables2 : Library to handle different link cables for TI calculators

sci-libs / libticalcs2 : Library for communication with TI calculators

sci-libs / libtifiles2 : Library for TI calculator files

sci-mathematics / gretl : Regression, econometrics and time-series library

sci-mathematics / maxima : Free computer algebra environment based on Macsyma

sci-mathematics / pspp : Program for statistical analysis of sampled data

sci-misc / oww : A one-wire weather station for Dallas Semiconductor

sci-visualization / ggobi : Visualization program for exploring high-dimensional data

sci-visualization / gwyddion : Framework for Scanning Mode Microscopy data analysis

sys-apps / acl : Access control list utilities, libraries, and headers

sys-apps / apmd : Advanced Power Management Daemon

sys-apps / attr : Extended attributes tools

sys-apps / coreutils : Standard GNU utilities (chmod, cp, dd, ls, sort, tr, head, wc, who,...)

sys-apps / cpu-x : A Free software that gathers information on CPU, motherboard and more

sys-apps / diffutils : Tools to make diffs and compare files

sys-apps / dnotify : Execute a command when the contents of a directory change

sys-apps / fakeroot : A fake root environment by means of LD_PRELOAD and SysV IPC (or TCP) trickery

sys-apps / findutils : GNU utilities for finding files

sys-apps / gawk : GNU awk pattern-matching language

sys-apps / grep : GNU regular expression matcher

sys-apps / help2man : GNU utility to convert program --help output to a man page

sys-apps / kbd : Keyboard and console utilities

sys-apps / man-db : A man replacement that utilizes dbm instead of flat files

sys-apps / mlocate : Merging locate is an utility to index and quickly search for files

sys-apps / net-tools : Standard Linux networking tools

sys-apps / pv : Pipe Viewer: a tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipe

sys-apps / renameutils : Use your favorite text editor to rename files

sys-apps / sed : Super-useful stream editor

sys-apps / shadow : Utilities to deal with user accounts

sys-apps / sysvinit : /sbin/init - parent of all processes

sys-apps / texinfo : The GNU info program and utilities

sys-apps / util-linux : Various useful Linux utilities

sys-auth / sssd : System Security Services Daemon provides access to identity and authentication

sys-block / di : Disk Information Utility

sys-block / parted : Create, destroy, resize, check, copy partitions and file systems

sys-block / partimage : Console-based application to efficiently save raw partition data to image file

sys-boot / grub : GNU GRUB boot loader

sys-devel / binutils : Tools necessary to build programs

sys-devel / binutils-hppa64 : Tools necessary to build programs

sys-devel / bison : A general-purpose (yacc-compatible) parser generator

sys-devel / flex : The Fast Lexical Analyzer

sys-devel / gcc : The GNU Compiler Collection

sys-devel / gcc-apple : Apple branch of the GNU Compiler Collection, Developer Tools 4.0

sys-devel / gdb : GNU debugger

sys-devel / gdb-apple : Apple branch of the GNU Debugger, Developer Tools 4.3

sys-devel / gettext : GNU locale utilities

sys-devel / kgcc64 : 64bit kernel compiler

sys-devel / m4 : GNU macro processor

sys-devel / make : Standard tool to compile source trees

sys-fs / cryptmount : A utility for management and user-mode mounting of encrypted filesystems

sys-fs / cryptsetup : Tool to setup encrypted devices with dm-crypt

sys-fs / dfc : A simple CLI tool that display file system usage, with colors

sys-fs / e2fsprogs : Standard EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 filesystem utilities

sys-fs / ecryptfs-utils : eCryptfs userspace utilities

sys-fs / encfs : An implementation of encrypted filesystem in user-space using FUSE

sys-fs / fswatch : cross-platform file change monitor with multiple backends

sys-fs / progsreiserfs : Library for accessing and manipulating reiserfs partitions

sys-fs / quota : Linux quota tools

sys-fs / udisks : Daemon providing interfaces to work with storage devices

sys-fs / xfsdump : XFS dump/restore utilities

sys-fs / xfsprogs : XFS filesystem utilities

sys-fs / zfs : Userland utilities for ZFS Linux kernel module

sys-libs / binutils-libs : Core binutils libraries (libbfd, libopcodes, libiberty) for external packages

sys-libs / cracklib : Password Checking Library

sys-libs / gdbm : Standard GNU database libraries

sys-libs / libsmbios : Provide access to (SM)BIOS information

sys-libs / libstdc++-v3 : Compatibility package for binaries linked against a pre gcc 3.4 libstdc++

sys-libs / newlib : Newlib is a C library intended for use on embedded systems

sys-libs / timezone-data : Timezone data (/usr/share/zoneinfo) and utilities (tzselect/zic/zdump)

sys-power / cpupower : Shows and sets processor power related values

sys-power / powertop : tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and power management

sys-process / procps : Standard informational utilities and process-handling tools

sys-process / psmisc : A set of tools that use the proc filesystem

www-client / elinks : Advanced and well-established text-mode web browser

www-client / lynx : An excellent console-based web browser with ssl support

www-client / uget : Download manager using gtk+ and libcurl

www-client / w3m : Text based WWW browser, supports tables and frames

www-client / w3mmee : A variant of w3m with support for multiple character encodings

x11-libs / c++-gtk-utils : A number of classes and functions for programming GTK+ programs using C++

x11-misc / gammastep : A screen color temperature adjusting software

x11-misc / gmrun : A GTK-2 based launcher box with bash style auto completion!

x11-misc / grun : A GTK based Run dialog resembling the Windows Run dialog, just like xexec

x11-misc / macopix : MaCoPiX (Mascot Constructive Pilot for X) is a desktop mascot application

x11-misc / mate-notification-daemon : MATE Notification daemon

x11-misc / nitrogen : A background browser and setter for X

x11-misc / obconf : Tool for configuring the Openbox window manager

x11-misc / parcellite : A lightweight GTK+ based clipboard manager

x11-misc / redshift : A screen color temperature adjusting software

x11-misc / xaos : Very fast real-time fractal zoomer

x11-misc / xdialog : Drop-in replacement for cdialog using GTK

x11-misc / xfe : MS-Explorer-like minimalist file manager for X

x11-plugins / gkrellmss : A plugin for GKrellM2 that has a VU meter and a sound chart

x11-plugins / gkrellsun : A GKrellM plugin that shows sunrise and sunset times

x11-plugins / guifications : Guifications is a graphical notification plugin for pidgin

x11-plugins / pidgin-encryption : Pidgin IM Encryption PlugIn

x11-plugins / pidgin-libnotify : pidgin-libnotify provides popups for pidgin via a libnotify interface

x11-plugins / pidgintex : Pidgin plugin to render LaTeX expressions in messages

x11-plugins / wmcoincoin : a dockapp for browsing dacode news and board sites

x11-terms / mlterm : A multi-lingual terminal emulator

x11-terms / terminology : Feature rich terminal emulator using the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries

x11-themes / qtcurve : Widget styles for Qt and GTK2

x11-wm / blackbox : A small, fast, full-featured window manager for X

x11-wm / e16 : Enlightenment Window Manager (E16)

x11-wm / enlightenment : Enlightenment window manager

x11-wm / fluxbox : X11 window manager featuring tabs and an iconbar

x11-wm / fvwm : An extremely powerful ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager

x11-wm / fvwm3 : A multiple large virtual desktop window manager derived from fvwm

x11-wm / icewm : Ice Window Manager with Themes

x11-wm / jwm : Very fast and lightweight still powerful window manager for X

x11-wm / notion : Notion is a tiling, tabbed window manager for the X window system

x11-wm / openbox : Standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager

x11-wm / selectwm : window manager selector tool

x11-wm / windowmaker : The fast and light GNUstep window manager

xfce-base / xfce4-session : A session manager for the Xfce desktop environment