Packages with the ocamlopt use flag

Global definition: Enable ocamlopt support (ocaml native code compiler) -- Produces faster programs (Warning: you have to disable/enable it at a global scale).

app-misc / geneweb : Genealogy software program with a Web interface

app-misc / ledit : A line editor to be used with interactive commands

app-text / htmlc : HTML template files expander

app-text / llpp : graphical PDF viewer which aims to superficially resemble less(1)

dev-lang / ocaml : Type-inferring functional programming language descended from the ML family

dev-lang / teyjus : Higher-order logic programming language Lambda Prolog

dev-ml / ANSITerminal : Module which offers basic control of ANSI compliant terminals

dev-ml / atd : Syntax for cross-language type definitions

dev-ml / atdgen : Generates boilerplate OCaml code for JSON and Biniou IO from type definitions

dev-ml / batteries : The community-maintained foundation library for your OCaml projects

dev-ml / biniou : A binary data serialization format inspired by JSON for OCaml

dev-ml / bson : An ocaml implementation for bson

dev-ml / camlp4 : System for writing extensible parsers for programming languages

dev-ml / camlp5 : A preprocessor-pretty-printer of ocaml

dev-ml / camlzip : Compressed file access ML library (ZIP, GZIP and JAR)

dev-ml / camomile : Camomile is a comprehensive Unicode library for ocaml

dev-ml / cmdliner : Declarative definition of command line interfaces for OCaml

dev-ml / cppo : An equivalent of the C preprocessor for OCaml programs

dev-ml / cryptokit : Cryptographic primitives library for Objective Caml

dev-ml / csv : A pure OCaml library to read and write CSV files

dev-ml / cudf : Library to parse, pretty print, and evaluate CUDF documents

dev-ml / deriving : A deriving library for Ocsigen

dev-ml / dose3 : Library to perform analysis on package repositories

dev-ml / easy-format : Pretty-printing library for OCaml

dev-ml / eliom : A web framework to program client/server applications

dev-ml / enumerate : Syntax extension to produce a list of all values of a type

dev-ml / extlib : Standard library extensions for O'Caml

dev-ml / facile : OCaml constraint programming library on integer & integer set finite domains

dev-ml / findlib : OCaml tool to find/use non-standard packages

dev-ml / gd4o : OCaml interface to the GD graphics library

dev-ml / gen : Simple, efficient iterators for OCaml

dev-ml / gsl-ocaml : OCaml bindings for the GSL library (successor of dev-ml/ocamlgsl)

dev-ml / herelib : Syntax extension for inserting the current location

dev-ml / io-page : IO memory page library for Mirage backends

dev-ml / js-build-tools : Collection of tools to help building Jane Street Packages

dev-ml / js_of_ocaml : A compiler from OCaml bytecode to javascript

dev-ml / lablgl : Objective CAML interface for OpenGL

dev-ml / lablgtk : Objective CAML interface for Gtk+2

dev-ml / labltk : OCaml interface to the Tcl/Tk GUI framework

dev-ml / lwt : Cooperative light-weight thread library for OCaml

dev-ml / lwt_glib : GLib integration for Lwt

dev-ml / lwt_react : GLib integration for Lwt

dev-ml / lwt_ssl : GLib integration for Lwt

dev-ml / macaque : DSL for SQL Queries in Caml

dev-ml / menhir : LR(1) parser generator for the OCaml language

dev-ml / mirage-profile : Collect profiling information

dev-ml / mongo : An ocaml driver for mongodb

dev-ml / oasis : Tool to integrate a configure, build and install system in OCaml project

dev-ml / ocaml-cairo : OCaml Binding to Cairo

dev-ml / ocaml-cohttp : Very lightweight HTTP server using Lwt or Async

dev-ml / ocaml-containers : A modular standard library focused on data structures

dev-ml / ocaml-data-notation : Use type-conv to dump OCaml data structure using OCaml data notation

dev-ml / ocaml-dispatch : Path-based dispatching for client- and server-side applications

dev-ml / ocaml-expat : OCaml bindings for expat

dev-ml / ocaml-expect : Ocaml implementation of expect to help building unitary testing

dev-ml / ocaml-extunix : Thin bindings to various low-level system APIs

dev-ml / ocaml-fileutils : Pure OCaml functions to manipulate real file (POSIX like) and filename

dev-ml / ocaml-hashcons : OCaml hash-consing library

dev-ml / ocaml-ipaddr : OCaml library for manipulation of IP (and MAC) address representations

dev-ml / ocaml-magic-mime : Convert file extensions to MIME types

dev-ml / ocaml-mysql : A package for ocaml that provides access to mysql databases

dev-ml / ocaml-pcap : Read and write pcap-formatted network packet traces.

dev-ml / ocaml-re : Regular expression library for OCaml

dev-ml / ocaml-safepass : A library offering facilities for the safe storage of user passwords

dev-ml / ocaml-snappy : OCaml bindings to snappy fast compression/decompression library

dev-ml / ocaml-sqlite3 : A package for ocaml that provides access to SQLite databases

dev-ml / ocaml-stdint : Various signed and unsigned integers for OCaml

dev-ml / ocaml-text : Library for dealing with 'text'

dev-ml / ocaml-uint : Unsigned ints for OCaml

dev-ml / ocaml-webmachine : A REST toolkit for OCaml

dev-ml / ocaml-websocket : Websocket library for OCaml

dev-ml / ocamlbuild : Generic build tool with built-in rules for building OCaml library and programs

dev-ml / ocamldap : an implementation of the Light Weight Directory Access Protocol

dev-ml / ocamlgraph : O'Caml Graph library

dev-ml / ocamlify : OCamlify creates OCaml code by including files into strings or string lists

dev-ml / ocamlmod : Generate OCaml modules from source files

dev-ml / ocamlnet : Modules for OCaml application-level Internet protocols

dev-ml / ocamlpam : OCamlPAM - an OCaml library for PAM

dev-ml / ocamlsdl : OCaml SDL Bindings

dev-ml / ocplib-endian : Functions to read and write int16/32/64 from strings, bytes, and bigarrays

dev-ml / ocsigen-toolkit : User interface widgets for Ocsigen applications

dev-ml / ojquery : jQuery Binding for Eliom.

dev-ml / onanomsg : nanomsg bindings for OCaml

dev-ml / opam-file-format : Parser and printer for the opam file syntax

dev-ml / optcomp : Optional compilation for OCaml with cpp-like directives

dev-ml / ounit : Unit testing framework for OCaml

dev-ml / pa_bench : Syntax extension writing inline benchmarks

dev-ml / pa_ounit : Syntax extension that helps writing in-line test in ocaml

dev-ml / pa_sexp_conv : Deprecated camlp4 syntax extension for sexplib.

dev-ml / pa_structural_sexp : Quotation expanders to simplify building s-expressions from ocaml values

dev-ml / parmap : Library to exploit multicore architectures for OCaml programs

dev-ml / pcre-ocaml : Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions for O'Caml

dev-ml / pgocaml : PG'OCaml is a set of OCaml bindings for the PostgreSQL database

dev-ml / pipebang : Syntax extension to transform x |! f into f x

dev-ml / pomap : Partially Ordered Map ADT for O'Caml

dev-ml / postgresql-ocaml : A package for ocaml that provides access to PostgreSQL databases

dev-ml / ppx_deriving : Type-driven code generation for OCaml

dev-ml / ppx_deriving_yojson : A Yojson codec generator for OCaml

dev-ml / ppx_import : A syntax extension for importing declarations from interface files

dev-ml / ppx_tools : Tools for authors of ppx rewriters

dev-ml / pxp : validating XML parser library for O'Caml

dev-ml / qcheck : QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml

dev-ml / reactiveData : Functional reactive programming with incremental changes in data structures

dev-ml / reason : Meta Language Toolchain

dev-ml / reason-parser : Meta Language Toolchain

dev-ml / res : Resizable Array and Buffer modules for O'Caml

dev-ml / result : Compat result type

dev-ml / sedlex : An OCaml lexer generator for Unicode

dev-ml / sequence : Simple sequence (iterator) datatype and combinators

dev-ml / stringext : Extra string functions for OCaml

dev-ml / type-conv : Mini library required for some other preprocessing libraries

dev-ml / tyxml : A libary to build xml trees typechecked by OCaml

dev-ml / uchar : Uchar compatibility library

dev-ml / ulex : A lexer generator for unicode

dev-ml / uutf : Non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml

dev-ml / xml-light : Minimal Xml parser and printer for OCaml

dev-ml / zarith : Arithmetic and logic operations over arbitrary-precision integers

dev-tex / bibtex2html : A bibtex to HTML converter

dev-tex / hevea : HeVeA is a quite complete and fast LaTeX to HTML translator

dev-util / coccinelle : Program matching and transformation engine

dev-util / omake : Make replacement

net-misc / unison : Two-way cross-platform file synchronizer

net-p2p / mldonkey : Multi-network P2P application written in Ocaml, with Gtk, web & telnet interface

sci-mathematics / alt-ergo : Automatic theorem prover

sci-mathematics / coq : Proof assistant written in O'Caml

sci-mathematics / why3-for-spark : Platform for deductive program verification

sci-misc / flashdot : Generator for psychophysical experiments

www-servers / ocsigenserver : Ocaml-powered webserver and framework for dynamic web programming