Packages with the opengl use flag

Global definition: Add support for OpenGL (3D graphics).

app-emulation / aranym : Atari Running on Any Machine, VM running Atari ST/TT/Falcon OS and TOS/GEM apps

app-emulation / crossover-bin : Commercial version of app-emulation/wine with paid support

app-emulation / qemu : QEMU + Kernel-based Virtual Machine userland tools

app-emulation / virtualbox : Family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise and home use

app-emulation / wine-staging : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, with Wine-Staging patchset

app-emulation / wine-vanilla : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, without external patchsets

app-text / mupdf : A lightweight PDF viewer and toolkit written in portable C

dev-games / cegui : Crazy Eddie's GUI System

dev-games / clanlib : Multi-platform game development library

dev-games / guichan : A portable C++ GUI library designed for games using Allegro, SDL and/or OpenGL

dev-games / mygui : A library for creating GUIs for games and 3D applications

  • Use the opengl render subsystem. (cannot combine with ogre)

dev-games / ogre : Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine

dev-java / swt : GTK based SWT Library

dev-lang / mercury-extras : Additional libraries and tools that are not part of the Mercury standard library

dev-lang / parrot : Virtual machine designed to compile and execute bytecode for dynamic languages

dev-libs / OpenNI : OpenNI SDK

dev-libs / OpenNI2 : OpenNI2 SDK

dev-libs / efl : Enlightenment Foundation Libraries all-in-one package

dev-libs / starpu : Unified runtime system for heterogeneous multicore architectures

dev-ml / ocamlsdl : OCaml SDL Bindings

dev-perl / Alien-wxWidgets : Building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries

dev-python / PyQt5 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

  • Build bindings for the QtOpenGL module

dev-python / PyQt6 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

  • Build bindings for the QtOpenGL module

dev-python / QtPy : Abstraction layer on top of PyQt and PySide with additional custom QWidgets

  • Pull in bindings for the QtOpenGL module

dev-python / pycuda : Python wrapper for NVIDIA CUDA

dev-python / pygame : Python bindings for SDL multimedia library

dev-python / pyopencl : Python wrapper for OpenCL

dev-python / pyqtgraph : A pure-python graphics and GUI library built on PyQt and numpy

dev-python / pyside6 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

dev-python / sympy : Computer Algebra System in pure Python

dev-qt / qt-docs : Qt5 documentation, for use with Qt Creator and other tools

dev-qt / qtbase : Cross-platform application development framework

dev-qt / qtdeclarative : Qt Declarative (Quick 2)

  • Enable OpenGL support

games-action / dxx-rebirth : Descent Rebirth - enhanced Descent 1 & 2 engine

games-arcade / commandergenius : Open Source Commander Keen clone (needs original game files)

games-arcade / kobodeluxe : An SDL port of xkobo, a addictive space shoot-em-up

games-arcade / tuxanci : First Tux shooter multi-player network game inspired by Bulanci

games-emulation / atari800 : Atari 800 emulator

games-emulation / dgen-sdl : A Linux/SDL-Port of the famous DGen MegaDrive/Genesis-Emulator

games-emulation / dosbox : DOS emulator

games-emulation / dosbox-staging : Modernized DOSBox soft-fork

games-emulation / gngb : Gameboy / Gameboy Color emulator

games-emulation / higan : Multi-system emulator focused on accuracy, preservation, and configurability

games-emulation / melonds : Nintendo DS emulator, sorta

games-emulation / mgba : Game Boy Advance Emulator

games-emulation / snes9x : Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator

games-emulation / yabause : Sega Saturn emulator

games-engines / residualvm : A cross-platform 3D game interpreter for play LucasArts' LUA-based 3D adventures

games-engines / scummvm : Reimplementation of the SCUMM game engine used in Lucasarts adventures

games-fps / darkplaces : Enhanced engine for iD Software's Quake 1

games-fps / eduke32 : An open source engine port of the classic PC first person shooter Duke Nukem 3D

games-fps / nexuiz : Deathmatch FPS based on DarkPlaces, an advanced Quake 1 engine

games-fps / prboom-plus : An enhanced clone of the classic first-person shooter Doom

games-fps / quake2-icculus : The Linux port of iD's Quake 2 engine

games-fps / yamagi-quake2 : Quake 2 engine focused on single player

games-puzzle / flobopuyo : Clone of the famous PuyoPuyo game

games-puzzle / mures : A clone of Sega's Chu Chu Rocket

games-puzzle / pingus : Free Lemmings clone

games-roguelike / crossfire-client : Client for the nethack-style but more in the line of UO

games-rpg / freedroidrpg : Modification of the classical Freedroid engine into an RPG

games-rpg / manaplus : OpenSource 2D MMORPG client for Evol Online and The Mana World

games-simulation / openrct2 : An open source re-implementation of Chris Sawyer's RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

games-util / eureka : Graphical map editor for games using the DOOM engine

gnustep-base / gnustep-back-art : libart_lgpl back-end component for the GNUstep GUI Library

gnustep-base / gnustep-back-cairo : Cairo back-end component for the GNUstep GUI Library

gnustep-base / gnustep-back-xlib : Default X11 back-end component for the GNUstep GUI Library

kde-apps / kdegames-meta : kdegames - merge this to pull in all kdegames-derived packages

kde-apps / ksudoku : Logic-based symbol placement puzzle by KDE

mate-extra / mate-screensaver : Replaces xscreensaver, integrating with the MATE desktop

media-gfx / asymptote : A vector graphics language that provides a framework for technical drawing

media-gfx / dawn : 3D geometrical postscript renderer

media-gfx / digikam : Digital photo management application

media-gfx / fotowall : Qt5 tool for creating wallpapers

media-gfx / tachyon : A portable, high performance parallel ray tracing system

media-libs / allegro : Cross-platform library aimed at video game and multimedia programming

media-libs / avidemux-plugins : Plugins for the video editor media-video/avidemux

media-libs / cogl : A library for using 3D graphics hardware to draw pretty pictures

media-libs / devil : DevIL image library

media-libs / gst-plugins-bad : Less plugins for GStreamer

media-libs / gst-plugins-base : Basepack of plugins for gstreamer

  • Enable OpenGL library and plugin via desktop OpenGL API

media-libs / libcaca : A library that creates colored ASCII-art graphics

media-libs / libplacebo : Reusable library for GPU-accelerated image processing primitives

media-libs / libquicktime : An enhanced version of the quicktime4linux library

media-libs / libsdl : Simple Direct Media Layer

media-libs / libsdl2 : Simple Direct Media Layer

media-libs / libva : Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux

media-libs / libva-compat : Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux

media-libs / libwebp : A lossy image compression format

media-libs / mlt : Open source multimedia framework for television broadcasting

media-libs / opencolorio : A color management framework for visual effects and animation

media-libs / opencv : A collection of algorithms and sample code for various computer vision problems

media-libs / openimageio : A library for reading and writing images

media-libs / smpeg : SDL MPEG Player Library

media-libs / xine-lib : Core libraries for Xine movie player

media-plugins / audacious-plugins : Lightweight and versatile audio player

media-plugins / gst-plugins-gtk : Video sink plugin for GStreamer that renders to a GtkWidget

  • Enable gtkglsink OpenGL sink based on desktop OpenGL API

media-plugins / gst-plugins-vaapi : Hardware accelerated video decoding through VA-API plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / libvisual-plugins : collection of visualization plugins for use with the libvisual framework

media-plugins / mythplugins : Official MythTV plugins

media-plugins / vdr-xineliboutput : VDR Plugin: Xinelib PlugIn

media-plugins / zam-plugins : Collection of LV2/LADSPA/VST/JACK audio plugins for high quality processing

media-sound / alsaplayer : A heavily multi-threaded pluggable audio player

media-sound / cadence : Collection of tools useful for audio production

media-sound / gogglesmm : Fast and light music player

media-sound / snd : Snd is a sound editor

media-tv / mythtv : Open Source DVR and media center hub

media-tv / v4l-utils : Separate utilities ebuild from upstream v4l-utils package

media-video / avidemux : Video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks

media-video / ffmpeg : Complete solution to record/convert/stream audio and video. Includes libavcodec

media-video / gpac : Implementation of the MPEG-4 Systems standard developed from scratch in ANSI C

media-video / mplayer : Media Player for Linux

media-video / mpv : Media player for the command line

  • Enable support for various OpenGL-based video backends

media-video / qmplay2 : A Qt-based video player, which can play most formats and codecs

media-video / simplescreenrecorder : A Simple Screen Recorder

net-misc / tigervnc : Remote desktop viewer display system

sci-chemistry / molden : Display molecular density from GAMESS-UK, GAMESS-US, GAUSSIAN and Mopac/Ampac

sci-electronics / magic : The VLSI design CAD tool

sci-geosciences / grass : A free GIS with raster and vector functionality, as well as 3D vizualization

sci-geosciences / opencpn : a free, open source software for marine navigation

sci-libs / mathgl : Math Graphics Library

sci-libs / pcl : 2D/3D image and point cloud processing

sci-mathematics / dataplot : Program for scientific visualization and statistical analyis

sci-mathematics / octave : High-level interactive language for numerical computations

sci-physics / geant : Toolkit for simulation of passage of particles through matter

sci-physics / root : C++ data analysis framework and interpreter from CERN

sys-apps / inxi : The CLI inxi collects and prints hardware and system information

x11-libs / cairo : A vector graphics library with cross-device output support

  • Build the OpenGL backend

x11-libs / fltk : C++ user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL

x11-libs / fox : C++ Toolkit for developing Graphical User Interfaces easily and effectively

x11-libs / qwt : 2D plotting library for Qt5

x11-libs / wxGTK : GTK+ version of wxWidgets, a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit

x11-libs / xforms : A graphical user interface toolkit for X

x11-misc / picom : A lightweight compositor for X11 (previously a compton fork)

  • Enable features that require opengl (opengl backend, and opengl vsync methods)

x11-misc / slop : Application that queries the user for a selection for printing

x11-misc / xlockmore : Just another screensaver application for X

x11-misc / xscreensaver : Modular screen saver and locker for the X Window System

x11-plugins / e16-epplets : Enlightenment DR16 epplets

x11-wm / e16 : Enlightenment Window Manager (E16)

x11-wm / xpra : X Persistent Remote Apps (xpra) and Partitioning WM (parti) based on wimpiggy

xfce-base / xfwm4 : Window manager for the Xfce desktop environment

xfce-extra / xfce4-screensaver : Screen saver and locker (port of MATE screensaver)