Packages with the pcap use flag

app-admin / sagan : Sagan is a multi-threaded, real time system and event log monitoring system

  • Add support for network packet capture via net-libs/libpcap

app-admin / ulogd : A userspace logging daemon for netfilter/iptables related logging

  • Build PCAP output plugin to save packets in libpcap file format

app-crypt / johntheripper-jumbo : Fast password cracker

  • Build with pcap support

app-emulation / crossover-bin : Commercial version of app-emulation/wine with paid support

  • Support packet capture software (e.g. wireshark)

app-emulation / libvirt : C toolkit to manipulate virtual machines

  • Support auto learning IP addreses for routing

app-emulation / wine-staging : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, with Wine-Staging patchset

  • Support packet capture software (e.g. wireshark)

app-emulation / wine-vanilla : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, without external patchsets

  • Support packet capture software (e.g. wireshark)

media-sound / scream : Plays sound received from network or from a QEMU Windows VM

  • Support sniffing packets from network using net-libs/libpcap

net-analyzer / flowgrind : Network performance measurement tool

  • Enable packet capturing support using net-libs/libpcap

net-analyzer / net-snmp : Software for generating and retrieving SNMP data

  • Install snmppcap which reads from PCAP files and writes to the SNMP transport

net-analyzer / scanlogd : A port scan detection tool

  • Use net-libs/libpcap for packet capturing

net-analyzer / wireshark : A network protocol analyzer formerly known as ethereal

  • Use net-libs/libpcap for network packet capturing (build dumpcap, rawshark)

net-dialup / freeradius : Highly configurable free RADIUS server

  • Build the RADIUS sniffer which requires net-libs/libpcap.

net-firewall / iptables : Linux kernel (2.4+) firewall, NAT and packet mangling tools

  • Build against net-libs/libpcap which enables the nfbpf_compile util

net-libs / daq : Data Acquisition library, for packet I/O

  • Build the PCAP data acquisition module.

net-libs / libssh : Access a working SSH implementation by means of a library

  • Build with PCAP output support

net-misc / ptpd : Precision Time Protocol daemon

  • Require net-libs/libpcap to allow layer 2 (raw Ethernet) transport

net-misc / sipp : A free Open Source test tool / traffic generator for the SIP protocol

  • Enable functionality to replay RTP data from a pcap file

net-misc / vde : Virtual distributed ethernet emulator for emulators like qemu, bochs, and uml

  • Enable the pcap-based plugin that allows creating a switch against a real interface.

net-wireless / horst : Small 802.11 wireless LAN analyzer

  • Add support for network packet capture via net-libs/libpcap

sci-libs / pcl : 2D/3D image and point cloud processing

  • Adds pcap file capabilities in some drivers.