Packages with the pkcs11 use flag

app-crypt / qca : Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA)

  • Enable PKCS#11 plugin

app-crypt / tpm-tools : TrouSerS' support tools for the Trusted Platform Modules

  • Build Token data management utilities based on OpenCryptoki's (dev-libs/opencryptoki) PKCS#11 implementation.

mail-mta / exim : A highly configurable, drop-in replacement for sendmail

  • Require pkcs11 support in net-libs/gnutls with USE=gnutls

net-libs / gnutls : A TLS 1.2 and SSL 3.0 implementation for the GNU project

  • Add support for PKCS#11 through app-crypt/p11-kit

net-libs / neon : HTTP and WebDAV client library

  • Add support for PKCS#11 using dev-libs/pakchois

net-vpn / openvpn : Robust and highly flexible tunneling application compatible with many OSes

  • Enable PKCS#11 smartcard support

net-vpn / strongswan : IPsec-based VPN solution, supporting IKEv1/IKEv2 and MOBIKE

  • Enable pkcs11 support

sys-apps / rng-tools : Daemon to use hardware random number generators

  • Enable PKCS11 entropy support

sys-fs / ecryptfs-utils : eCryptfs userspace utilities

  • Enable PKCS#11 (Smartcards) key module

www-misc / litmus : WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite

  • Support for PKCS #11 through PaKChoiS (dev-libs/pakchois).