Packages with the redis use flag

app-admin / rsyslog : An enhanced multi-threaded syslogd with database support and more

  • Build the Redis output module using (requires dev-libs/hiredis)

app-admin / sagan : Sagan is a multi-threaded, real time system and event log monitoring system

  • Add support for the Redis database via dev-libs/hiredis

app-admin / salt : Salt is a remote execution and configuration manager

  • Support returning data to a redis database.

app-admin / syslog-ng : syslog replacement with advanced filtering features

  • Enable support for Redis destinations

dev-util / ccache : Fast compiler cache

  • Enable Redis backend for storage via dev-libs/hiredis

dev-util / sccache : ccache/distcc like tool with support for rust and cloud storage

  • Enable Redis support

games-action / minetest : A free open-source voxel game engine with easy modding and game creation

  • Enable redis backend via dev-libs/hiredis

mail-filter / pyzor : A distributed, collaborative spam detection and filtering network

  • Enables the redis back-end database engine for pyzord through dev-python/redis-py

mail-mta / exim : A highly configurable, drop-in replacement for sendmail

  • Adds support for querying dev-db/redis

net-analyzer / suricata : High performance Network IDS, IPS and Network Security Monitoring engine

  • Enable Redis support

net-analyzer / zmap : Fast network scanner designed for Internet-wide network surveys

  • Add support for storing in a redis DB via dev-libs/hiredis

net-dialup / freeradius : Highly configurable free RADIUS server

  • Include support for Redis database

net-dns / unbound : A validating, recursive and caching DNS resolver

  • Enable cache db backend which usesdev-libs/hiredis

net-im / coturn : coturn TURN server project

  • Enable support for the redis database

net-im / ejabberd : Robust, scalable and extensible XMPP server

  • Enable Redis support for transient data

net-voip / captagent : 100% Open-Source Packet Capture Agent for HEP

  • Enable redis support

sci-libs / gloo : library of floating-point neural network inference operators

  • Enable Redis backend for storage via dev-libs/hiredis