Packages with the ruby use flag

Global definition: Add support/bindings for the Ruby language.

app-editors / gvim : GUI version of the Vim text editor

app-editors / neovim : Vim-fork focused on extensibility and agility.

app-editors / vim : Vim, an improved vi-style text editor

app-emacs / ddskk : One Japanese input methods on Emacs

app-emulation / libguestfs : Tools for accessing, inspect and modifying virtual machine (VM) disk images

app-i18n / tomoe : Japanese handwriting recognition engine

app-misc / hivex : Library for reading and writing Windows Registry 'hive' binary files

app-mobilephone / obexftp : File transfer over OBEX for mobile phones

app-text / docbook-xsl-ns-stylesheets : XSL Stylesheets for Docbook

  • Install the Ruby-based dbtoepub script; requires an interpreter compatible with app-eselect/eselect-ruby.

app-text / docbook-xsl-stylesheets : XSL Stylesheets for Docbook

  • Install the Ruby-based dbtoepub script; requires an interpreter compatible with app-eselect/eselect-ruby.

app-text / enscript : Powerful text-to-postscript converter

app-text / hyperestraier : a full-text search system for communities

app-text / xmlformat : Reformat XML documents to your custom style

dev-db / qdbm : Quick Database Manager

dev-libs / Ice : ICE middleware C++ library and generator tools

dev-libs / libprelude : Prelude-SIEM Framework Library

dev-libs / redland-bindings : Language bindings for Redland

dev-libs / stfl : A library which implements a curses-based widget set for text terminals

dev-libs / xapian-bindings : SWIG and JNI bindings for Xapian

dev-vcs / subversion : Advanced version control system

kde-apps / kross-interpreters : Kross interpreter plugins for programming languages

media-gfx / exact-image : A fast, modern and generic image processing library

media-gfx / graphviz : Open Source Graph Visualization Software

media-libs / libcaca : A library that creates colored ASCII-art graphics

media-libs / mlt : Open source multimedia framework for television broadcasting

  • Build SWIG bindings for Ruby

media-sound / ecasound : a package for multitrack audio processing

media-sound / snd : Snd is a sound editor

media-sound / xmms2 : X(cross)platform Music Multiplexing System. Next generation of the XMMS player

net-analyzer / rrdtool : A system to store and display time-series data

net-irc / epic5 : Epic5 IRC Client

net-irc / iroffer-dinoex : IRC fileserver using DCC

net-irc / weechat : Portable and multi-interface IRC client

net-wireless / kismet : IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN sniffer

  • Build extras which are written in ruby, example plugins and the like.

sci-libs / geos : Geometry engine library for Geographic Information Systems

sci-libs / libsigrok : basic hardware drivers for logic analyzers and input/output file format support

sci-libs / shogun : Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox

sci-visualization / gwyddion : Framework for Scanning Mode Microscopy data analysis

sys-fs / dislocker : Dislocker is used to read BitLocker encrypted partitions.

sys-libs / libselinux : SELinux userland library

www-client / elinks : Advanced and well-established text-mode web browser

www-servers / nginx-unit : A dynamic web and application server

www-servers / uwsgi : uWSGI server for Python web applications