Packages with the server use flag

app-admin / bcfg2 : Configuration management tool

app-misc / blink1 : blink(1) USB RGB LED status light control suite

app-portage / grs : Suite to build Gentoo Reference Systems

  • Install all the tools building systems

dev-db / clickhouse : An OSS column-oriented database management system for real-time data analysis

dev-db / etcd : Highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery

  • Installs etcd daemon

dev-db / firebird : Relational database offering many ANSI SQL:2003 and some SQL:2008 features

dev-db / mariadb : An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL

  • Build the server program

dev-db / mysql : A fast, multi-threaded, multi-user SQL database server

  • Build the server program

dev-db / mysql-cluster : An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL

dev-db / percona-server : A fast, multi-threaded, multi-user SQL database server

dev-db / postgresql : PostgreSQL RDBMS

  • Disable to build and install the clients and libraries only.

dev-libs / tntnet : Modular, multithreaded web application server extensible with C++

  • Enable tntnet server daemon

dev-python / dap : Data Access Protocol client and server

  • Enable OpenDAP server support

dev-python / paramiko : SSH2 protocol library

  • Enable server feature

dev-python / ws4py : WebSocket client and server library for Python 2 and 3 as well as PyPy

  • Install server modules

dev-ruby / rubygems : Centralized Ruby extension management system

  • Install support for the rubygems server

dev-vcs / cvs : Concurrent Versions System - source code revision control tools

  • Enable server support

games-action / minetest : An InfiniMiner/Minecraft inspired game

games-action / supermariowar : Fan-made multiplayer Super Mario Bros. style deathmatch game

  • Compile and install Super Mario War server files

games-board / cockatrice : An open-source multiplatform software for playing card games over a network

games-board / teg : Gnome Risk Clone

games-engines / odamex : Online multiplayer, free software engine for Doom and Doom II

games-fps / eduke32 : An open source engine port of the classic PC first person shooter Duke Nukem 3D

games-fps / sauerbraten : Sauerbraten is a FOSS game engine (Cube 2) with freeware game data (Sauerbraten)

games-fps / turtlearena : A turtle featuring free and open source third-person action game (ioq3 engine)

games-fps / urbanterror : Hollywood tactical shooter based on the ioquake3 engine

games-roguelike / tomenet : A MMORPG based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

games-strategy / freeciv : multiplayer strategy game (Civilization Clone)

games-strategy / hedgewars : A turn-based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game

games-strategy / ufoai : UFO: Alien Invasion - X-COM inspired strategy game

games-strategy / wesnoth : Battle for Wesnoth - A fantasy turn-based strategy game

media-plugins / vdr-streamdev : VDR Plugin: Client/Server and http streaming plugin

  • Compile the VDR plugin vdr-streamdev-server that allows remote systems to access the DVB cards used for the local VDR

media-sound / snapcast : Synchronous multi-room audio player

media-sound / supercollider : An environment and a programming language for real time audio synthesis.

media-sound / xmms2 : X(cross)platform Music Multiplexing System. Next generation of the XMMS player

  • Build xmms2 player daemon (otherwise only clients are built)

media-video / syncplay : Client/server to synchronize media playback

net-analyzer / 2ping : A bi-directional ping utility

net-analyzer / ossec-hids : Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System

  • Build "server" installation target

net-analyzer / zabbix : ZABBIX is software for monitoring of your applications, network and servers

  • Enable zabbix server

net-dialup / openl2tp : Userspace tools for kernel L2TP implementation

net-firewall / fwknop : Single Packet Authorization and Port Knocking application

net-fs / cvmfs : HTTP read-only file system for distributing software

net-irc / quassel : Qt/KDE IRC client supporting a remote daemon for 24/7 connectivity

  • Build the server binary. If this USE flag is disabled, the 'core' server binary for quassel is not built, and cannot be used. You need this enabled on the server, but you might want to disable it on the client.

net-libs / libssh : Access a working SSH implementation by means of a library

  • Build with SSH server support

net-mail / cyrus-imapd : The Cyrus IMAP Server

  • Enable building server binaries

net-misc / dhcp : ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client/server

  • Install the dhcpd and dhcrelay programs

net-misc / freerdp : Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol

  • Build server binaries

net-misc / knock : A simple port-knocking daemon

  • Installs the knockd server daemon.

net-misc / mosh : Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo

  • Build network server

net-misc / tigervnc : Remote desktop viewer display system

  • Build TigerVNC server

net-misc / uftp : Encrypted UDP based FTP with multicast

net-vpn / badvpn : Peer-to-peer VPN, NCD scripting language, tun2socks proxifier

  • Build the badvpn-server program, a central server that manages the VPN network.

sci-biology / ucsc-genome-browser : The UCSC genome browser suite, also known as Jim Kent's library and GoldenPath

sci-chemistry / molequeue : Abstract, manage and coordinate execution of tasks

sci-mathematics / rstudio : IDE for the R language

sys-cluster / neutron : A virtual network service for Openstack

  • Installs the initscripts for the neutron server service

sys-cluster / torque : Resource manager and queuing system based on OpenPBS

  • Enable compilation of pbs_server and pbs_sched

sys-devel / gdb : GNU debugger

  • Install the "gdbserver" program (useful for embedded/remote targets)

virtual / mysql : Virtual for MySQL database server

  • Build server (mysqld)

www-servers / civetweb : Embedded C/C++ web server

x11-wm / xpra : X Persistent Remote Apps (xpra) and Partitioning WM (parti) based on wimpiggy

  • Build server-side code