Packages with the static use flag

Global definition: !!do not set this during bootstrap!! Causes binaries to be statically linked instead of dynamically.

app-admin / socklog : Small secure replacement for syslogd with automatic log rotation

app-admin / su-exec : Switch user and group id and exec

app-admin / testdisk : Checks and undeletes partitions + PhotoRec, signature based recovery tool

app-admin / tripwire : Open Source File Integrity Checker and IDS

  • Builds the package statically

app-arch / bzip2 : A high-quality data compressor used extensively by Gentoo Linux

app-arch / dump : Dump/restore ext2fs backup utilities

app-arch / gzip : Standard GNU compressor

app-arch / lbzip2 : Parallel bzip2 utility

app-arch / p7zip : Port of 7-Zip archiver for Unix

app-arch / pbzip2 : Parallel bzip2 (de)compressor using libbz2

app-arch / pigz : A parallel implementation of gzip

app-arch / pixz : Parallel Indexed XZ compressor

app-backup / bacula : Featureful client/server network backup suite

app-backup / bareos : Featureful client/server network backup suite

app-backup / fsarchiver : Flexible filesystem archiver for backup and deployment tool

app-benchmarks / stress : A deliberately simple workload generator for POSIX systems

app-cdr / plextor-tool : Tool to change the parameters of a Plextor CD-ROM drive

app-crypt / aescrypt : Advanced file encryption using AES

app-crypt / aespipe : Encrypts data from stdin to stdout

app-crypt / chntpw : Offline Windows NT Password & Registry Editor

app-crypt / efitools : Tools for manipulating UEFI secure boot platforms

app-crypt / loop-aes-losetup : Loop-AES losetup utility

app-crypt / shash : Generate or check digests or MACs of files

app-editors / nano : GNU GPL'd Pico clone with more functionality

app-emulation / qemu : QEMU + Kernel-based Virtual Machine userland tools

  • Build the User and Software MMU (system) targets as well as tools as static binaries

app-misc / kryoflux-dtc : KryoFlux Host Software

app-misc / symlinks : Scans for and fixes broken or messy symlinks

app-misc / zisofs-tools : User utilities for zisofs

app-portage / portage-utils : Small and fast Portage helper tools written in C

app-shells / bash : The standard GNU Bourne again shell

app-shells / dash : Debian Almquist Shell

app-shells / mksh : MirBSD Korn Shell

app-shells / sash : A small (static) UNIX Shell

app-shells / zsh : UNIX Shell similar to the Korn shell

dev-db / mariadb : An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL

dev-db / mysql : A fast, multi-threaded, multi-user SQL database server

dev-lang / yap : YAP is a high-performance Prolog compiler

dev-scheme / gambit : Gambit-C is a native Scheme to C compiler and interpreter

dev-util / strace : A useful diagnostic, instructional, and debugging tool

dev-vcs / fossil : Simple, high-reliability, source control management, and more

media-gfx / fim : Fbi-IMproved is a framebuffer image viewer based on Fbi and inspired from Vim

net-analyzer / netcat : The network swiss army knife

net-analyzer / traceroute : Utility to trace the route of IP packets

net-analyzer / zabbix : ZABBIX is software for monitoring of your applications, network and servers

  • Build statically linked binaries

net-dns / dnsmasq : Small forwarding DNS server

net-dns / mydns : A DNS-Server which gets its data from a MySQL/PostgreSQL-database

net-firewall / ebtables : Controls Ethernet frame filtering on a Linux bridge, MAC NAT and brouting

net-irc / eggdrop : An IRC bot extensible with C or TCL

net-libs / axtls : Embedded client/server TLSv1 SSL library and small HTTP(S) server

  • Statically build axhttpd server

net-libs / biblesync : A multicast protocol to support Bible software shared co-navigation

net-libs / udns : Async-capable DNS stub resolver library

net-mail / checkpassword : A uniform password checking interface for root applications

net-mail / dbmail : Fast and scalable sql based email services

net-mail / qtools : Utilities for use with qmail, typically as part of .qmail command processing

net-mail / serialmail : A serialmail is a collection of tools for passing mail across serial links

net-misc / asterisk : Asterisk: A Modular Open Source PBX System

net-misc / clockspeed : Simple Network Time Protocol (NTP) client

net-misc / dhcdrop : Effectively suppresses illegal DHCP servers on the LAN

net-misc / dropbear : Small SSH 2 client/server designed for small memory environments

net-misc / ipsvd : ipsvd is a set of internet protocol service daemons for Unix

net-misc / iputils : Network monitoring tools including ping and ping6

net-misc / openssh : Port of OpenBSD's free SSH release

net-misc / proxytunnel : Connect stdin and stdout to a server via an HTTPS proxy

net-misc / sstp-client : A client implementation of Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)

net-misc / vconfig : 802.1Q vlan control utility

net-misc / wget : Network utility to retrieve files from the WWW

sci-electronics / pulseview : Qt based logic analyzer GUI for sigrok

sci-geosciences / gpsd : GPS daemon and library for USB/serial GPS devices and GPS/mapping clients

sci-libs / linux-gpib : Driver library for GPIB (IEEE 488.2) hardware

sys-apps / busybox : Utilities for rescue and embedded systems

  • Make the system rescue shell (/bin/bb) static so you can recover even when glibc is broken

sys-apps / coreutils : Standard GNU utilities (chmod, cp, dd, ls, sort, tr, head, wc, who,...)

sys-apps / daisydog : A very simple /dev/watchdog daemon

sys-apps / debianutils : A selection of tools from Debian

sys-apps / diffutils : Tools to make diffs and compare files

sys-apps / fbset : A utility to set the framebuffer videomode

sys-apps / findutils : GNU utilities for finding files

sys-apps / gptfdisk : GPT partition table manipulator for Linux

sys-apps / grep : GNU regular expression matcher

sys-apps / hdparm : Utility to change hard drive performance parameters

sys-apps / iotools : Simple commands to access hardware device registers

sys-apps / ipmitool : Utility for controlling IPMI enabled devices

sys-apps / keyutils : Linux Key Management Utilities

sys-apps / lshw : Hardware Lister

sys-apps / net-tools : Standard Linux networking tools

sys-apps / qingy : A DirectFB getty replacement

sys-apps / sed : Super-useful stream editor

sys-apps / smartmontools : Tools to monitor storage systems to provide advanced warning of disk degradation

sys-apps / sysvinit : /sbin/init - parent of all processes

sys-apps / texinfo : The GNU info program and utilities

sys-block / fio : Jens Axboe's Flexible IO tester

sys-block / open-isns : iSNS server and client for Linux

sys-block / partimage : Console-based application to efficiently save raw partition data to image file

sys-block / thin-provisioning-tools : A suite of tools for thin provisioning on Linux

sys-boot / lilo : LInux LOader, the original Linux bootloader

sys-boot / vboot-utils : Chrome OS verified boot tools

sys-devel / bc : Handy console-based calculator utility

sys-devel / bison : A general-purpose (yacc-compatible) parser generator

sys-devel / flex : The Fast Lexical Analyzer

sys-devel / make : Standard tool to compile source trees

sys-devel / patch : Utility to apply diffs to files

sys-fs / btrfs-progs : Btrfs filesystem utilities

  • Build static binaries in addition to the dynamic ones

sys-fs / cryptsetup : Tool to setup encrypted devices with dm-crypt

sys-fs / dd-rescue : Similar to dd but can copy from source with errors

sys-fs / ddrescue : Copy data from one file or block device to another with read-error recovery

sys-fs / dmraid : Device-mapper RAID tool and library

sys-fs / jfsutils : IBM's Journaling Filesystem (JFS) Utilities

sys-fs / lvm2 : User-land utilities for LVM2 (device-mapper) software

sys-fs / mdadm : Tool for running RAID systems - replacement for the raidtools

sys-fs / reiser4progs : reiser4progs: mkfs, fsck, etc...

sys-process / daemontools : Collection of tools for managing UNIX services

sys-process / daemontools-encore : Collection of tools for managing UNIX services

sys-process / dumb-init : A minimal init system for Linux containers

sys-process / runit : A UNIX init scheme with service supervision

sys-process / tini : A tiny but valid init for containers

virtual / mysql : Virtual for MySQL database server

www-servers / apache : The Apache Web Server

  • Link in apache2 modules statically rather then plugins