Packages with the telepathy use flag

dev-libs / folks : Library for aggregating people from multiple sources

  • Load contacts from the Telepathy framework

gnome-base / gnome-shell : Provides core UI functions for the GNOME desktop

  • Ensure presence of telepathy chat integration

gnome-extra / gnome-contacts : GNOME contact management application

  • Start chat from contact details

net-im / choqok : Free/Open Source micro-blogging client by KDE

  • Enable support for the real-time communication framework telepathy

net-misc / vinagre : VNC client for the GNOME desktop

  • Enable access to remote desktop via a net-libs/telepathy-glib client

net-misc / vino : An integrated VNC server for GNOME

  • Enable desktop sharing through a telepathy client

x11-plugins / pidgin-sipe : Pidgin Plug-in SIPE (Sip Exchange Protocol)

  • Support use as a telepathy backend