Packages with the template-haskell use flag

dev-haskell / happstack-server : Web related tools and services

  • Description: Template Haskell is available on this system

dev-haskell / linear : Linear Algebra

  • You can disable the use of the `template-haskell` package using `-f-template-haskell`. Disabling this is an unsupported configuration, but it may be useful for accelerating builds in sandboxes for expert users.

dev-haskell / monad-logger : A class of monads which can log messages

  • Enable Template Haskell support.

dev-haskell / nats : Natural numbers

  • enable template_haskell

dev-haskell / quickcheck : Automatic testing of Haskell programs

  • Enable additional test modules requiring Template Haskell support.

dev-haskell / reflection : Reifies arbitrary terms into types that can be reflected back into terms

  • Enable template haskell.