Packages with the udev use flag

Global definition: Enable virtual/udev integration (device discovery, power and storage device support, etc).

app-backup / rear : Relax-and-Recover is a setup-and-forget bare metal disaster recovery solution

app-cdr / xfburn : GTK+ based CD and DVD burning application

app-crypt / zulucrypt : Front end to cryptsetup

app-emulation / libvirt : C toolkit to manipulate virtual machines

app-emulation / virtualbox : Family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise and home use

  • Controls installation of special USB udev rules.

app-emulation / wine-any : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, with optional external patchsets

app-emulation / wine-d3d9 : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, with Gallium Nine patchset

app-emulation / wine-staging : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, with Wine-Staging patchset

app-emulation / wine-vanilla : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, without external patchsets

  • Use virtual/libudev to provide plug and play support

app-metrics / collectd : Collects system statistics and provides mechanisms to store the values

  • Enable optional udev usage in disk plugin; Required for smart plugin

dev-libs / cyberjack : REINER SCT cyberJack USB chipcard reader user space driver

dev-libs / libusb : Userspace access to USB devices

dev-libs / light : A program to control backlights (and other hardware lights)

dev-qt / qtgui : The GUI module and platform plugins for the Qt5 framework

games-emulation / higan : A multi-system game emulator formerly known as bsnes

games-simulation / flightgear : Open Source Flight Simulator

games-util / joystick : joystick testing utilities

gnome-base / gnome-desktop : Library with common API for various GNOME modules

gnome-base / gnome-settings-daemon : Gnome Settings Daemon

gnome-base / gvfs : Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO

  • Enable udev base replacement code for cdda feature

gnome-extra / gnome-packagekit : PackageKit client for the GNOME desktop

gnome-extra / gnome-software : Gnome install & update software

kde-frameworks / solid : Provider for platform independent hardware discovery, abstraction and management

lxqt-base / lxqt-session : LXQT session manager

media-gfx / gimp : GNU Image Manipulation Program

media-gfx / iscan-data : Image Scan! for Linux data files

media-gfx / shotwell : Open source photo manager for GNOME

media-libs / clutter-gst : GStreamer integration library for Clutter

media-libs / libcanberra : Portable sound event library

media-libs / libgpod : Shared library to access the contents of an iPod

media-libs / libsdl2 : Simple Direct Media Layer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-v4l2 : plugin for gstreamer

media-sound / pragha : A lightweight music player (for Xfce)

media-sound / pulseaudio : A networked sound server with an advanced plugin system

media-sound / quodlibet : audio library tagger, manager, and player for GTK+

media-sound / rhythmbox : Music management and playback software for GNOME

media-tv / kodi : A free and open source media-player and entertainment hub

  • Use sys-fs/udev rules to handle devices' permissions and hotplug support. Unless you know what you're doing do not disable this flag on Linux kernels. This is provided as an option for completeness.

media-tv / v4l-utils : Separate utilities ebuild from upstream v4l-utils package

media-video / dvdstyler : A cross-platform free DVD authoring application

media-video / gxine : GTK+ Front-End for libxine

media-video / vlc : Media player and framework with support for most multimedia files and streaming

net-libs / libhackrf : library for communicating with HackRF SDR platform

net-libs / libmbim : Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) modem protocol helper library

net-misc / bfgminer : Modular Bitcoin ASIC/FPGA/GPU/CPU miner in C

net-misc / casync : Content-Addressable Data Synchronization Tool

net-misc / cgminer : Bitcoin CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC miner in C

net-misc / dhcpcd : A fully featured, yet light weight RFC2131 compliant DHCP client

net-misc / modemmanager : Modem and mobile broadband management libraries

net-misc / ofono : Open Source mobile telephony (GSM/UMTS) daemon

net-wireless / bluez : Bluetooth Tools and System Daemons for Linux

net-wireless / osmo-fl2k : turns FL2000-based USB 3.0 to VGA adapters into low cost DACs

net-wireless / ubertooth : open source wireless development platform suitable for Bluetooth experimentation

sci-geosciences / gpsd : GPS daemon and library for USB/serial GPS devices and GPS/mapping clients

sci-libs / libsigrok : basic hardware drivers for logic analyzers and input/output file format support

sys-apps / hwids : Hardware (PCI, USB, OUI, IAB) IDs databases

  • Install hwdb.d rules for udev

sys-apps / nvme-cli : NVM-Express user space tooling for Linux

sys-apps / pciutils : Various utilities dealing with the PCI bus

sys-apps / pcsc-lite : PC/SC Architecture smartcard middleware library

  • Use sys-fs/udev rules to handle devices' permissions and hotplug support. Unless you know what you're doing do not disable this flag on Linux kernels. This is provided as an option for completeness.

sys-apps / razercfg : Utility for advanced configuration of Razer mice

sys-apps / util-linux : Various useful Linux utilities

sys-auth / consolekit : Framework for defining and tracking users, login sessions and seats

sys-cluster / drbd-utils : mirror/replicate block-devices across a network-connection

sys-fs / cryptmount : A utility for management and user-mode mounting of encrypted filesystems

sys-fs / cryptsetup : Tool to setup encrypted devices with dm-crypt

sys-fs / dosfstools : DOS filesystem tools - provides mkdosfs, mkfs.msdos, mkfs.vfat

sys-fs / lvm2 : User-land utilities for LVM2 (device-mapper) software

virtual / libusb : Virtual for libusb

x11-base / xorg-server : X.Org X servers

x11-drivers / xf86-video-amdgpu : Accelerated Open Source driver for AMDGPU cards

x11-drivers / xf86-video-ati : ATI video driver

x11-drivers / xf86-video-intel : X.Org driver for Intel cards

x11-misc / colord : System service to accurately color manage input and output devices

x11-misc / py3status : py3status is an extensible i3status wrapper written in python

x11-wm / mutter : GNOME 3 compositing window manager based on Clutter