Packages with the webkit use flag

Global definition: Add support for the WebKit HTML rendering/layout engine.

app-office / kexi : Visual database applications creator

  • Enable web form designer widget using dev-qt/qtwebkit

dev-java / swt : GTK based SWT Library

dev-libs / kreport : Framework for creation and generation of reports in multiple formats

dev-python / PyQt5 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

  • Build bindings for the QtWebKit module

dev-python / wxpython : A blending of the wxWindows C++ class library with Python

dev-qt / assistant : Tool for viewing on-line documentation in Qt help file format

dev-qt / designer : WYSIWYG tool for designing and building graphical user interfaces with QtWidgets

  • Build the qwebview plugin

dev-util / glade : A user interface designer for GTK+ and GNOME

  • Build catalog support for net-libs/webkit-gtk:4 widgets.

games-util / slade : Modern editor for Doom-engine based games and source ports

gnome-extra / zenity : Tool to display dialogs from the commandline and shell scripts

kde-apps / k3b : Full-featured burning and ripping application based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / kdesdk-meta : KDE SDK - merge this to pull in all kdesdk-derived packages

mail-client / balsa : Email client for GNOME

net-irc / kvirc : Advanced IRC Client

net-libs / libproxy : Library for automatic proxy configuration management

  • Use libjavascriptcoregtk from net-libs/webkit-gtk for PAC parsing

net-misc / remmina : A GTK+ RDP, SPICE, VNC, XDMCP and SSH client

x11-libs / wxGTK : GTK+ version of wxWidgets, a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit