Packages with the xdg use flag

app-eselect / eselect-wine : Manage active Wine slots and variants

  • Set XDG_DATA_DIRS to use the selected wine.desktop, allows e.g. 'xdg-open my.exe' for file managers

dev-perl / File-HomeDir : Get home directory for self or other user

  • Ensure XDG Semantics for returned paths via x11-misc/xdg-user-dirs

x11-misc / gmrun : A GTK-2 based launcher box with bash style auto completion!

  • Enable xdg spec for configuration and history files location

x11-wm / openbox : Standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager

  • Install the python xdg files for xdg autostart

x11-wm / xpra : X Persistent Remote Apps (xpra) and Partitioning WM (parti) based on wimpiggy

  • Enable support for XDG-based menus