Packages with the xinerama use flag

Global definition: Add support for querying multi-monitor screen geometry through the Xinerama API.

app-admin / conky : An advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X

app-emulation / wine-proton : Valve Software's fork of Wine

app-emulation / wine-staging : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, with Wine-Staging patchset

app-emulation / wine-vanilla : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, without external patchsets

app-misc / worker : Worker Filemanager: Amiga Directory Opus 4 clone

app-text / gv : Viewer for PostScript and PDF documents using Ghostscript

app-text / pspresent : A tool to display full-screen PostScript presentations

dev-haskell / x11 : A binding to the X11 graphics library

games-emulation / snes9x : Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator

gnome-extra / cinnamon-screensaver : Screensaver for Cinnamon

media-gfx / feh : A fast, lightweight imageviewer using imlib2

media-libs / allegro : Cross-platform library aimed at video game and multimedia programming

media-libs / libsdl : Simple Direct Media Layer 1.2 compatibility wrapper around SDL2

media-libs / xine-lib : Core libraries for Xine movie player

media-plugins / vdr-xineliboutput : VDR Plugin: Xinelib PlugIn

media-video / mplayer : Media Player for Linux

media-video / xine-ui : Xine movie player

net-misc / freerdp : Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol

net-misc / tigervnc : Remote desktop viewer display system

sci-calculators / tiemu : Texas Instruments hand-helds emulator

sci-chemistry / vmd : Visual Molecular Dynamics

x11-apps / xdm : X.Org xdm application

x11-apps / xdpyinfo : Display information utility for X

x11-libs / fltk : C++ user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL

x11-libs / gtk+ : Gimp ToolKit +

x11-libs / xosd : Library for overlaying text in X-Windows X-On-Screen-Display

x11-misc / dmenu : a generic, highly customizable, and efficient menu for the X Window System

x11-misc / dzen : General purpose messaging, notification, and menu utility

x11-misc / nitrogen : A background browser and setter for X

x11-misc / x11vnc : VNC server for real X displays

x11-misc / xlockmore : Just another screensaver application for X

x11-misc / xscreensaver : Modular screen saver and locker for the X Window System

x11-plugins / wmcoincoin : a dockapp for browsing dacode news and board sites

x11-terms / xterm : Terminal Emulator for X Windows

x11-wm / dwm : a dynamic window manager for X11

x11-wm / e16 : Enlightenment Window Manager (E16)

x11-wm / fluxbox : X11 window manager featuring tabs and an iconbar

x11-wm / fvwm : An extremely powerful ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager

x11-wm / icewm : Ice Window Manager with Themes

x11-wm / jwm : Very fast and lightweight still powerful window manager for X

x11-wm / marco : MATE default window manager

x11-wm / matwm2 : Simple EWMH compatible window manager with titlebars and frames

x11-wm / metacity : GNOME Flashback window manager

x11-wm / muffin : Compositing window manager forked from Mutter for use with Cinnamon

x11-wm / notion : Notion is a tiling, tabbed window manager for the X window system

x11-wm / pekwm : A lightweight window manager initially based on aewm++

x11-wm / subtle : A manual tiling window manager

x11-wm / windowmaker : The fast and light GNUstep window manager

x11-wm / wmfs : Window Manager From Scratch, A tiling window manager highly configurable

x11-wm / xpra : X Persistent Remote Apps (xpra) and Partitioning WM (parti) based on wimpiggy