Packages with the xvid use flag

Global definition: Add support for's open-source mpeg-4 codec.

media-libs / avidemux-plugins : Plugins for the video editor media-video/avidemux

media-plugins / mythplugins : Official MythTV plugins

media-tv / mythtv : Open Source DVR and media center hub

media-video / dvdrip : dvd::rip is a graphical frontend for transcode

media-video / ffmpeg : Complete solution to record/convert/stream audio and video. Includes libavcodec

media-video / gpac : Implementation of the MPEG-4 Systems standard developed from scratch in ANSI C

media-video / mplayer : Media Player for Linux

media-video / ogmrip : Graphical frontend and libraries for ripping DVDs and encoding to AVI/OGM/MKV/MP4

media-video / transcode : Utilities for transcoding video and audio codecs in different containers